Nearly Back to Normal at 7 months

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Bensa, Feb 3, 2019.

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    Cliff Notes to my story is that I started looking at porn around age 13 and it got worse over decades. By my 30s I was depressed and needed the porn to escape the reality of my situation.

    I quit during July 2018.

    I was triggered to do this because of severe PIED. It got better over time and I was able to finally use a condom without losing an erection. This week I finally was able to have sex using a condom. It was such a relief. When I had the first incident of being unable to stay up I had panic attacks in the following days thinking my life was over and I would never recover.

    Anyone reading this and feeling hopeless; stay strong and give it time. I will probably add to this thread as time goes by but for now I could not wait to announce this milestone.
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    great post..thanks for posting, bro.
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    congrats on 7 months fella ,keep strong!

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