Nearly two weeks without masturbation!

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Rugrathecutest, May 9, 2022.

  1. Rugrathecutest

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    It's the first time this year that I made it this long and I'm very much proud of myself. The urges are becoming more difficult to control but I think I'm ok. I accidentally opened up a porn website the other day by habit but other than that I've reduced the amount of time I spend watching porn significantly. The longer I ignore the urges, the stronger they seem to get.
  2. berylliumwages

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    Apropos the birthday listed in your profile: when I was 23 the thought of stopping this or that it was a problem would never have even occurred to me. (I'm now 35.) So I am very proud of you too.
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  3. pr21619

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    Man, that's fantastic! Great job! I'm about a week behind you and it's encouraging to me to know people are further ahead and finding success!
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  4. mark andrews

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    i envy you bro... but i've got to put in my own hard work. Now that you've gotten there....(14days), the urges will get stronger but dont edge... dont look twice at a woman, quit all social media if possible.... or better yet quit the entire internet by using a dumb phone. The urges will be there, but if you eliminate all the possible loopholes, i know you'll make it to 50 days. Avoid stressing situations too.... coz that could trigger you to look for something for mood regulation... which is never good amd could lead you to a relapse.

    I hope you make it... Good luck... i'm also starting now
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