Need a buddy to check up with daily for personal goal

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by IAMlookingforCHANGE, Jul 17, 2018.

  1. IAMlookingforCHANGE

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    I need a serious partner for the next 100 days being PMO free. I am 100% convinced I will never be able to do this by myself, I have been struggling with PMO for about 3 years, I just want to keep this force that has the ability to make babies inside of me, not outside of me.

    Not looking for a best friend or anything, just someone who is serious about letting go of PMO for good and hitting this 100 day goal being PMO free. I would need to have daily check ups, & please only serious people, I don't want someone who will quit only after a week, it is my full intention that I cut PMO out for good.
  2. RndyBm

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    I am ready. Though I am 5 days ahead of you. I was thinking of relapsing today but came on here instead. I actually come on here every evening as it connects me to the community out there who are also struggling so I stop from relapsing. My goal is to not watch porn or M or O for 90 days. If it can be more than that that would be even better. But it will probably lighten to O later.
  3. Sodawatt

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    I'm a few days ahead but I'm willing to work with you. I'm in the same situation and it's actually a miracle that I've already lasted this long and I'd like to keep that going for 100 days.
  4. RndyBm

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    It's not a miracle friend. Its your willpower kicking in. You have that power. We all do. We just have to give it's voice back. SPEAK UP !
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  5. upgrade2.0

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    I think an "accountabillabuddy" is the best thing you can do. Its great having that daily moral support and check in! You can do this! F**k PMO!
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