Need a real and amazing fu***ng motivation!

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by LOP3Z17, Dec 21, 2019.

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    Sup guys, so i been on NoFap journey for around 2 years and i still can't reach the 90 days, and every streak that i get longer, i feel bad, feel so drepressed, anxious, and have a lot of negative thoughts.
    So... Im doing this for a better health, better social skills, because im tired to be alone, im the fucking weirdo nerd guy, im tired i have been lost oportunities to hang out with girls and my fucking shyness can't let me be the best version of myself.

    If i continue fapping i will still be the alone guy that nobody wants to get closer, and if i still do NoFap i will have to suffer the fucking withdrawal symptoms (Belive me, feel so bad!) so tell me guys...

  2. CodeTalker

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    Do the right thing. You know what it is.
  3. verbeek75

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    I'm the same, only for me I have very little options left due to health issues.
    But you still can do it, I have written this several times here on nofap before.
    Try to find a gym or do some sports, even just for a trial period, maybe you can connect to some people if not after the trial period try another gym or sports.
    Also other options like hobbies or classes with people, something like just some paint/drawing classes, photography or a new language classes just something with a some people learning things together, if you get more used to be around people some dance lessons maybe. Even if it doesn't work out at that moment it might come in handy later.
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    Some of us need something really bad to happen before we take the problem seriously. In my case, among other problems, I came to a point where I could not sleep, had frequent panic attacks, ectopic beats and severe social anxiety. I thought I was going to go insane and die in the most painful manner. The mental distress is difficult to describe. It was hell for 5 or 6 months –and it still is at times, since I have not fully recovered. That was enough motivation for me.
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  5. Awedouble

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    I no longer think getting a streak of abstinence is enough. Instead of relying on one thing like no PMO to get better social skills and health, you might want to work on your health and social skills in order to have better success at a streak.

    Does a streak make a person who they are, or define recovery? I would say it is ONE measure of recovery. People don't have other measures because they don't know about the health (physical and psychological) and social measures and it's not as simple as counting days. You can do both and approach it from both directions, but there's just more things to look at when you work on your health and social life.
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  6. My boxing trainer told me to stop relying on motivation. Motivation is only a temporary feeling. You must rely on discipline; the act of getting shit done whether you feel like it or not. This doesn't just apply to nofap, this applies to every area in your life.
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  7. StonePlacidity

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    Have you fought the urge until the last moment? If you can do good without having an urge, but once the urge hits you, you'll be dead. Gotta persist and persevere.
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    This is it. Self-discipline.
    What works for me is telling myself that I won't be an addict today. Sometimes even a day feels too long so I focus on the next 2-3 hours, and make a mental plan of some activities I will do during that time. Breaking it up in small periods of time helps me, it makes me feel I can handle it. If I look too far the task seems like an insurmountable obstacle.

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