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    Firstly i will state that i am a 15-yr old,which may sound weird for many of you because you probably started when you were older .I've been trying to complete a full reboot of 90 days but just can't get more than 1 week,which is really a short period of time and is kind of dissapointing.I would really like to get some advice from any of you about how I can pull through this and what you have done to "Survive"

    P.S:Thank you
  2. ironmaing

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    you're likely dealing with boredum or routine PMO. Need to change your habits up and take up new hobbies to fill the void. Also, remove all devices from your bedroom where you'd normally PMO. You need to shake shit up and start a better life.

    Also, you need to research as much as possible about the dangers of PMO. YBOP website is good start.

    Congrats on starting early. Wish that at 15 I would've started, I'm 34M and my life is messed up because of PMO. Don't be like me and leave dozens of unsatisfied women due to PIED.
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    Well, he knows about it early. Whether he will take action is up to him. If he gets to 34, and still has the PMO issue, it's all that much worse.

    I would start chasing girls to the extreme. Serious breaking of your comfort zone. Getting the fear of rejection garbage out of the way, early, is the best advice I can give you. At age 15, just accepting the paradigm of no PMO is good enough.

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