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    Okay guys,

    So my streak has been going well. I've seen some warning signs that I might slip, so I"m writing this out to seek support.

    1) I've been binge watching on youtube late into the night
    2) I played a video game and now it is late into the night
    3) almost uncontrollable thoughts about P after walking in public and women were walking around
    4) I saw a guy I know get married to a beautiful woman and I felt kinda depressed from that cuz I feel i'm not that popular or rich
    5) I've been very stressed about writing my letter to graduate school (that's been the main cause for steps 1 to 4

    What should I do?
    I"ve been exercising, etc. Any advice the next few days?
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    My Journal
    As far as I see you, the struggle you have is rooted in the matters of your heart. There’s no quick tips to get you over the next hurdle. If anything, I’d say you may do well to shift your focus onto dealing with whatever has made you feel depressed.

    You should be able to look at your friends marriage and find joy in your heart, not sadness. Changing your circumstances won’t do that. This is going to be something deeper.

    Same goes with stress...don’t be afraid. You should have the confidence in yourself to apply and let the chip fall where they may with peace, knowing that one way or another you’ll end up where you need to be.

    Take some time away, somehow, to seek out the deeper answers to these issues. If you’d like an example of how this can be helpful, feel at liberty to check out my latest journal entry. Just a heads up, it’s written from a Christian perspective. Anyways, the battle can get easier with time...but the longer you are away from PMO the more the issues that got you into it tend to rise to the surface. Indeed, a purification :)
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    Okay thank you bro, I needed a reminder so I appreciate the reminder.

    I'm going to refocus now and this weekend.
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