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Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Iwantfreedom820, Sep 26, 2020.

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    Hello Guys,

    i am a 20 year old Guy currently fighting my Porn Addiction aswell my Porn-Induced fetishes like foot fetish and femdom Fetish. I recently found a Girl my Age that does Foot/Femdom Stuff and we understood each other well and we wanted to meet so we can do it togheter, since she is experienced and has 100% the same Fantasies. The Thing is, even though my brain says i like it and i am constantly thinking about this shit i just want it to stop... be normal again, go back to vanilla stuff and not have weird fetishes...

    I told her a little about my Porn Addiction, how i wanna get rid of it etc. and she was nice and some seemed a little interested and tried to cheer me up a little, and tried giving me tipps lol. She agreed on just meeting normally without the fetish stuff and getting to know each other... But idk if that is a good idea... When I stop the Porn stuff and Focus on my Nofap Hard Mode idk if knowing her will be a Problem? Since i will also have in Mind that she is also a Femdom and stuff and it will Constantly remding me. Aswell she goes on the same school (but its huge so i won't ser her). She lives near me Aswell a couple of miles Away

    On the other hand i have 0 fucking friends and nobody to talk to nor to have anyone support me. Idk if i should just get rid of her in my Life, never meet her or do it and see how things go... What do you Guys think?
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  2. Has she indicated that she likes you despite the fact you are against carrying out the fetish fantasy? Can she have a relationship while not indulging in this fantasy? If yes to both she could still be a potential mate. If not, and you want rid of this fetish then best not to pursue.

    She sounds like she could be at least a good friend to have if she is aware of the porn addiction and is sincere in her support of you quitting. Especially as you say you have no other friends.
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  3. @fedmom where u at

    Also @Iwantfreedom820 just go with your gut - sometimes it's better to have experiences and regret them than not have experiences at all.
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    Stick to the 90+ day no PMO reboot. You will feel way better by avoiding everything that reminds you of porn. No need to talk about fetishes with other people.

    Be social and have an ordinary healthy life doing normal 20-year old student things. Forget about porn by being busy with life. Don't dwell on your addiction.

    Its best to pretend it isn't there. The more you indulge in negative thoughts the more you will be triggered into temptation, self-sabotage and relapse.

    I wrote a post that I think will help you.
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    Yeah you're right... I blocked her everywhere and i am not planning on meeting her soon. She would remind me of the Fetish Stuff way too much which would have probably ended up in a relapse. With her i wouldn't have been able to abstain my fetish thoughts and focus on other stuff, since every message of hers or meeting IRL would have reminded and keep me in my Old Patterns...
    Guess i'll have to keep on fighting alone!

    Btw i read your Post, its great!
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  6. Iwantfreedom820

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    Made my Choice. I am staying away from her an focusing on my Journey
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  7. Valid choice. That's what I've been doing as well. Hopefully this decision pays off and you can recover fully from PMO.
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