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Discussion in 'Fitness' started by The White Fang, Oct 8, 2020.

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    I am 17 male
    I need workout advice...i dont know my weight but my tummy is out and my sides are also developing..
    I dont have dumbells or anything belonging to gyms.
    I know pushups squats and pull ups...
    I need a workout for a lean body like brad pitts in THE FIGHT CLUB..not a bulky one like rock

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    First thing—you don’t need a gym or equipment to workout.

    second: don’t use others as your goal. You are neither The Rock nor Brad Pitt. They have their own genetics which is, in part, why they look like they do. They also have resources we don’t have: personal trainers, nutritionist, personal chef, personal gym etc.

    Don’t workout b/c you want to look a certain way—this will lead to failure b/c you probably won’t look like Pitt or The Rock. Do it b/c you want more strength, discipline, stamina and sense of purpose. “Looking good” is a great benefit of working out, but don’t let it be your guiding principle. Ninjas didn’t train hard to look like Instagram models—they did it to so they could scale buildings, fight ferociously and defeat enemies.

    Okay enough on the philosophy.

    Body weight is your best option since you don’t have a gym, equipment etc. It’s simple, free and adjustable to your level.

    Start with basics—pushups, squats, inverted rows and sit-ups. Don’t forget lower back too. Work your way up to dips, chin-ups, pull-ups, etc. keep a journal of each exercise set and reps. Do this RELIGIOUSLY. Every workout try to do an extra rep or set or both—whichever you can. Check out some bros named Al and Danny Kevaldo—they do nothing but body weight and they are ripped as hell and have done body weight for decades.

    Next , let’s talk diet. Your 17 so you’re a growin boy. You need lots of calories when you’re growing and working out. Don’t restrict your calories. Eat whenever you’re hungry and until you are full. Eat plenty of protein and carbs and some fat. Just eat it healthy. Limit severely or eliminate junk and shit food. Processed foods and high sugar foods are bad. You need veggies and fruit. Salad is your friend. Eat fruit for desert. Healthy fats like nuts, avocados, etc. There’s a saying: “Abs are made in the kitchen and perfected in the gym.” Or something like that. Diet plays a powerful role in what we look like.

    Drink water. Lots of it.
    Don’t smoke. Cigarettes and vape bad.
    Don’t neglect cardio either.
    Get lots of sun and fresh air.
    Build a schedule for workouts and stick to it. Even five pushups and two squats is better than nothing.

    mist not complicated but it takes dedication, discipline and consistency, more than anything else.
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    @InappropriateUsername very good advice! Just to be a little bit more specific about body weight exercises: r/bodyweightfitness. In my opinion, Recommended Routine is one of the best way to build a body using minimal equipment.
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  5. Diet is just as important if not more than working out. Do you eat a lot of sugar, meat, alcohol, fast food, fried stuff, etc.? If so, you need to cut it out. Vegan, keto, vegetarian, Mediterranean diets will help you get lean and also give you the energy to do hard work outs. Good luck!
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    Thank u everyone....u all have cleared some my doubts away...
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