Need advices about a girl: a chance i can't lose.

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  1. As a supernatural fan, I appreciate the gif choice. :) as long as a few of those tears can be happy ones, I'll allow it.
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    Your word has given me strenght and more consciousness about what really the situation is. It's always smart to check some other point of view...

    "well, I'm crap and you're gold. Let's make babies together." AHAHAHAHAHAHA LOL!
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    Honestly go out there give it your best shot because at the end of the day thats all we can do. Don't think on past experiences just focus on what you can do now thats all any of us can do. Focus on your strengths and heck if she likes you already its a level headed thing your halfway there. Don't think about her becoming your gf think about how you want to date her. I think thinking into the future that much is hard but just think about whats going to happen the soonest.

    You know what you can get her and if you don't thats fine to but nothing suggests that you can't so do you best and good luck and get to day 20 in the process.
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