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Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by 2080Future, Apr 26, 2021.

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    Posted this on my log but posting it here so it can reach more people.
    I am feeling fucked up, i have a horrible stomach ache and i think i know why. This weekend I met a girl during an activity I had to do. They put us in pairs and i got with her, she was really sweet and i felt like i could talk to her and I wanted to ask her her Instagram so I could follow her and keep in touch but i didn't find the occasion and i couldn't bring myself to Do it before she left. The sad reality is that I will probably never see her again but it felt so good talking to her. After I left, i couldn't stop thinking about her. Nothing sexual, just her and me talking. I got this horrible stomach ache yesterday after i left and i think It's just because of pure hate to myself for letting PMO confine me to this horrible personality unable to express its feelings. Or maybe i don't know, am I in love? I am looking for her. I won't give up. My name is _ and i don't masturbate. My name is _ and i don't watch porn.
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    Yes, don't give up to find her! If you find her that’s cool, if not, I think you can learn from the experiment, that after a while u finaly was able to feel something and have connection with a girl nonsecualy! maybe this was it all about. If you meant to find her again, you will!
    Surely there is somebody who knows her from the weekend... no?
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  3. 2080Future

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    Thanks for your comment! I won't give up!!!
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    Yeah go bro! You have a girl to catch! ;)
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  5. 2080Future

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    UPDATE: I found her! I could contact her and get her Instagram, I am feeling so happy!
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  6. Slimjimjones

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    You know what you must do.

    In the wise words of those men who came before me.
    "Don't be a pussy." ;)

    Cheers! Let me know how it goes!
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    Yay! Awesome! ❤️✋
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    It's a lesson brattan. Don't fall into despair. Did you waste your chance? Not gonna lie, probably.

    Does that mean you'll never like a girl again? Lol ofc not.. Next time don't make the same mistake. Strike the iron while it's hot, ask her for contact info.

    There, you've learned a lesson brattan.
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  9. 2080Future

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    Thanks man!
  10. It is possible that you developed a crush on her even though you didn't see her for long. But if you never see her again, thats ok. I think you need to work on your sense of self worth. Nofap can really help you go trough the raw emotions and heal past traumas etc.

    There is a lot of absolute stunning girls out there. She isnt the only one. You will meet other nice girls again, develop new crushes. Just prioritize yourself for a while. Make yourself into the best version of yourself that you can be. Focus on girls later ;)
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