Need help getting past 90 days

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Blue jeans, Oct 12, 2021.

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    Hi friends,
    So good news, I'm nearly at 90 days. Its crazy, and I'm so grateful to you all and to this forum, for you all and your encouragement, and to God for getting me here.

    But I would really appreciate any advice people have now. I'm at something like 83 days and really struggling. Its gotten a lot harder to resist temptation. My body feels like it wants release a lot more. And I feel like my resolve has dropped. At the start I was really enjoying nofap and surprised by how easy it felt. But now I just feel like I"m just hanging out to get to 90 days. I'm worried what I'll do after that - I want to be nofap for life.

    Any advice about stages to expect from 90 days plus, anyone who had a similar experience of finding the end of the 3 month mark hard? Or any other thoughts? thanks!
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    Try working out, a hard workout will leave you no desire to PMO and will channeled the excess energy from the streak.
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    Take things one day at a time, if you're on day 83 only think about day 83, don't care about day 84 or onwards.

    When we look ahead too much we get intimidated, I'm at day 74 currently.

    When I was on day 12, I was at my absolute limit, it felt like torture, I didn't think I would make past 12 days, then day 13 came, I woke up and had no urges, it was easy in comparison.

    We can do this, don't have any fear, this is a journey, our destination is for the rest of our life, so what does it matter what day it is, just focus on conquering today, keep learning as you go and relax.

    Good luck.
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