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Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by kirvis, Nov 15, 2019.

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    Not my first time here. Sad story I know.

    For the 5 past years I had a girlfriend sex life sucked so I got addicted to P.
    Notihing hard core just vanilla watching etc and masturbating.

    Then I finally left the abusive girlfriend for greater good. It happened 6 months ago.

    Then I probablly watched P and M every day maybe several times a day during weekends. Not a good thing I know.

    Then I met this new girl and she is perfect we are together for one month.

    I started my journey to reboot like 3 weeks ago.

    Because I had a great oportunity I was on vacation and had a roomate. For a week then after I got back I had no ideas of watching P or M at all. Its just like the desire is gone.

    But the thing is that I'm flat lining hard. I had sex with the new girlfriend once and it was amazing but I still was not fully hard. Then we tried another day and I just could not get it up. No matter what. I dont have any morning wood, no wet dreams. Nothing. And Im afraid of lossing this girl because it seems that she might even be the one. She said its okay it happens... But it really got stuck in my mind...

    I want her, she is sexy, smart, has great body. My mind my heart wants her but my penis is just dead. Is this normal?...

    As I said im 3 weeks in on 18th it will be 4 weeks.

    I tried touching myself but could not even get fully hard that way... I really dont know what to do... Im 24 years old so the age should not be an issue. I have some extra weight but its normal.

    Can I be mentally damaged from my last partner? How can I get through this?
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    I am sorry about that.
    First, you'd better see a doctor check if there is really a problem here.
    Second, it's important to tell your girlfriend that you are doing this positive recovering process, let her understand this.
    Last but not least, don't relapse, this happens because you are in the process of recovering.
    I hope you can understand it's normal, if you want to know more, just tell me, I can explain to you scientifically.
  3. kirvis

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    Before I started the reboot with my past partner I had never had any issues getting hard. Maybe my brain is just re wiring itself now. Or forcing me to watch to get some dopamine.

    I really dont know. My new gf knows and she says its okay. But My sex drive is just so low at the moment..

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