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  1. I'm not going to give you "shit for telling" this. Instead just a healthy dose of reality.

    Is a 16 year old high school student really "ready" for everything that can happen from sex so young? You say "go ahead and do it" "if you feel you are ready".

    Here are some of the things a 16 year old male needs to be ready for if he starts to have sex:
    • Becoming a father. I said that one in a previous post, but it's worth repeating. No form of birth control is perfect. Even if she's on the pill, you use a condom and you consult the magic rhythm method calendar, pregnancy is still a possibility. Using a condom only is effective 99% of the time (if used properly). So, honestly, at 1 in a hundred chance of becoming a father with just a condom? The odds of winning the lottery are 1 in 292,000,000 and people buy tickets. So, you'd take 1 in 100 odds of a condom failure?
    • HPV - The human papaloma virus. Shown to cause many forms of oral cancer, cervical cancer, penile cancer, prostate cancer. There is a vaccine for HPV. Depending on the doseage and doctor it's a two to three shot regime given over months. Is your HPV vaccine up to date?
    • Hepatitis A and B. Can cause a short acute illness. But Hep A and B can cause lifetime debilitating illness. There are vaccines for both Hep A and B. Again there's a schedule that is required and it's a shot and a booster. Are your vaccines up to date?
    • Hepatitis C. Used to be a death sentence. I've had friends who died from Hep C and I still mourn them. Today, there is no vaccine for Hep C. But, there is a cure. It's easy, has few side effects and takes only one pill for 60 to 90 days. The pills cost about $100,000.00 in the United States. Look it up on at Walmart's pharmacy in my area the cost per month is $32,137.00 for 28 pills and the treatment can last for 3 months. So, without health coverage, it can still be a death sentence.
    • HIV. Not a death sentence any longer. But, not a virus anyone would want to live with. There are three treatments for HIV. 1. Daily treatment with pills for the rest of your life if you get the virus. The cost depends but here is just one treatment option. One pill once a day called Triumeq the cost at Walmart in my area is $2,935.57 a month . For most people, health coverage is essential to maintain that cost. Without coverage of some sort, it's a death sentence again. There are real side effects from that medicine and not all of them are fully known. 2. PrEP - take one pill every day while sexually active and it has a great record of stopping infection with HIV. Truvada is the only approved PrEP medication on the market and cost at Walmart in my area $1,716.30 a month. Some health coverage will cover it, some don't. 3. PEP, different from PrEP in that this treatment is used post exposure when no protection was used. It's normally a standard treatment for HIV as if you were HIV+ It reduces the risk of the virus infecting you greatly. PEP is used in medical situations where a needle stick happens to a nurse or doctor and the HIV status of the patient is not known. The cost is similar to Triumeq above. All of this information on various HIV treatments can be found at .
    • Herpes and genital warts. No vaccine and no cure. All I can say is yuk.
    • Rape accusations. It's happened to more than one guy. They have what they think is consensual sex. She even agrees at first it was consensual. But, then, a teacher or parent finds out. The age of consent varies form state to state. But, if she's under the age of consent, she cannot consent and having sex with her is rape. Also, it's possible that she might have had alcohol (which she should not, assuming she's about the same age as the original poster). Once the adults in her life find out the sex happened after she'd been drinking, they might bring rape charges - again, even if she says the sex was consensual. Are you really ready to end up on the Sex Offenders list for the rest of your life?
    • Her father. Fathers are like a force of nature when it comes to defending their daughters from horny high school students. I'm glad I didn't have to face any angry dads when I was in high school.
    I think it's difficult for most adults to take all those realities into account. At least an adult can get vaccinated for all the things that have vaccines. Also, and adult can go on PrEP if they have a way to afford it. But, a 16 year old is dependent on his family to make sure all the vaccines are up to date. Also, how can a 16 year old get and take either PrEP or PEP without their parents knowing about it. Most likely, they'd just risk being exposed.

    Lastly, let me make this very important point. When a person has sex, they are not just exposing themselves to one person's viral history. If that person has had sex with just one other person it's possible that the person they had sex with has had sex with dozens of people. The risk of viral infection follows a long line of persons who've possibly been exposed. So, in having sex with just one person, you are the last link in a chain of viral exposure that can include thousands of people.

    No, I'm not giving you shit. I am, however, hoping this post stops one person from making the mistake of a lifetime.

    --> L
  2. All good points. But most unlikely.

    Yes condoms can break, but the odds of you becoming a father while you wear protection are pretty slim.
    Same thing goes with HIV.
    Wrapping it up solves most of these issues.
    Everytime I drive somewhere in my car I risk my life. That doesn't stop me from going where I need to go. Living in a bubble doesn't make for a happy life that's for sure.
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  3. Yes girth. When I'm hard, I can get roughly the first inch of it in it. The rest won't fit. I think it's kinda award if I post pictures lol. But yeah
  4. Hmm, I'm not so sure! My two brothers and I were unwanted. o_O My father had three kids while using condoms. :oops:

    Maybe they were homemade, lol. :rolleyes:
  5. Seran wrap and an elastic band doest work :p
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    Was he using a candy bar wrapper like Archer.
  7. ?
    Sorry, I didn't get that one.
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    Female here, only ever met one guy that actually need the magnums. Jamaican dude, and it was the size of a small umbrella. I was having none of it, but if I had, he would need the magnums. Met plenty of guys who thought they did though :).
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  10. Toilet paper tube test is the final answer to the magnum question.
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    That cheeky postman !! :D
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  12. Yeah, lol! :p
  13. That's a thing? Haha! To be totally honest, I've done it, but I never knew that I was sizing myself for condoms! I was actually checking for length :oops:

    But now I know that I don't need to try large condoms. Just a regular kinda guy here :rolleyes:

    Seriously? Now that's freakin' hilarious!! :D

    I know, I know, sticking your d*ck into a toilet paper tube is no big deal, but putting it in a wet toilet paper tube is ridiculous, haha!!
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    Didn't even know you had sizes just bought the regular.

  15. For the record no I didn't soak it.
  16. Sorry if my earlier post came out as offensive to you.
    That image seemed funny to me, but we all do things that might seem a little silly.
    And, now that I think about it, you said you were too big to fit anyway. If you soaked it, it would have torn!!

    Wish I were big enough to tear up a toilet paper tube . . .
  17. Lol I wasn't offended.

    Big dick isn't really a big deal anyways. Mine hasn't seen much traffic lately anyways lol
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    There is a medicine called truvada that helps fight HIV infection.
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