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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by BeastBoyJr, Jun 14, 2019.

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    I know exactly what my specific issue is and I am also curious if anybody else out there is in a similar situation. I can not cope with the feeling of emptiness. Every time I feel empty I begin to relapse and have to start over which I refuse to do this time. Also does anybody else get scarily angry when they think about other people having sex? It's not anger it's rage. It's not as if I will harm other people that is crazy but why is this happening? There is only one reason I believe this can be and it has to be due to the excessive M over the course of 8 or 9 years. So, does anybody have any suggestions on how to cope with the emptiness for the early weeks and why is this anger happening?
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    Surround yourself with other people if you can
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    Hey Beastboyjr

    I can relate to your post.. feelings of emptiness which can be unbearable and anger at the thought of other people having sexual relations are part of my experience too.

    The way I've tried to cope with these during my reboot is that I've tried to see them as a temporary phase in the healing process. I don't know for sure but I just hope that as each successful day goes by these feelings will diminish, like I think Buddhists say "this too shall pass"

    Successful nofappers seem to suggest lots of negative feelings and emotions can and will arise during reboot because we aren't numbing them anymore and burying them under dopamine induced pmo rushes, we aren't hiding behind or self medicating with our addiction, maybe our brain is screaming for its fix and these negative empty feelings are a consequence of that, but if we really want to fix our brains we've got to stay strong and ride this one out. Tough love man.

    I think we have to trust in the process that to move forwards we might have to break through some mental and physical pain barriers in order to reach that place where some already are, where they are no longer slave to pmo addiction. For me it's a big addiction as it tries to control me and get its own way through any method.. such as feelings of emptiness which it says can all be relieved through pmo but it's a one way street to relapse, pain, continued addiction, dependence, shame, guilt etc etc or however it affects you.

    I also find posting on here and reading new and old threads helps through getting support through shared experiences.
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    Thank you for your reply. I feel as if we are the same situation and having similar difficulties in our rebooting process. What was the farthest you made it with PMO. At your highest day what changes did you notice. I might experience similar benefits.

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