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Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Teenager, Aug 1, 2020.

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  1. Teenager

    Teenager Fapstronaut

    Hello. Iam 16 and I first started masturbating when i was 12 . Now after 4 years of excessive masturbation , I've these problems thin watery semen(It's like water but 2 years ago it was thick ), PE , Indented penis and pain in side of butt at certain angle and pulled hamstrings. Can U guyz tell what problem should I work on first? Iam on nofap from 23 days now. Please suggest me diet and supplements for semen and give advise for other problems as well . Feel free to share your experience so others could get some help.These all the things have really messed up my life and now Iam not able to focus on my studies.

    P.S English is not my mother tongue I'm still learning it
  2. DrabToLight

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    Hey @Teenager ,

    With the symptoms you are describing, a visit to the doctor would be a very good idea. I am not a doctor and cannot diagnose you over the internet (even if I were a doctor). However, an "indented penis" could be peyronie's disease. It is not serious and there is treatment. If the doctor thinks it is looking okay, then no treatment would be required. Do not live a life with an indented penis if you can get it fixed now. Even if the doctor says it is all fine, that would put your mind at ease.

    Also, a pain in the side combined with pain radiating into your legs should be evaluated by a doctor. Make a list of your symptoms on a paper. Bring that paper with you to the doctor and put it on the exam table. You might freeze up and not tell the doctor everything. Having it written down will make sure all your questions get answered. Make the paper have only five or six concerns. Don't write a book, just one line for every concern. The doctor can as questions if he needs to.

    I am really serious about getting to a doctor. A real doctor and not just the Internet. Pain is your body's way of telling you something is wrong, listen to it.

    You most likely will have to go through a parent to get to a doctor, do it. It is worth it to feel well. Take care of yourself. You deserve the advice of a doctor for these concerns.
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