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    Day 0
    I feel ... angry, sad, why do I fell this easy? Is there any power left on me?

    Last relapse trigger beside emotion : one of my friends show me what I can say now P...

    Emotion that I identified as a trigger : tired, exhausted, depressed, feel a negative happy that seek reward more than I myself could support (PMO)

    Does I not take this fight serious? Does I just playing around? Does I don't willing to sacrifice what I have to beat this addiction? Does I don't want to see the happy face of my family, especially my parents because I achieve something that can be proud of?

    ^copied from my journal

    After school, it's very rare to not to tired from it. And as I explain before, it (tired) will lead me to relapse. This one is the biggest percentage that contributing on my relapse's factor.

    About my current condition now, I'm depressed. And if I succeed about something (I will explain this "something" probably) that I desperately sought now, It'll lead me to negative happy. Both will make me relapse, and I worry that this condition will lasted long.

    I really need advice about this since this kind of thing is those that I can't reveal on my RL.
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    Keep on moving forward.
    Avoid pmo.
    It is not a good stuff. See it makes u depress. Not helpful at all.
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