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  1. Hey everyone,

    I'm a 39/m, in recovery for sex addiction, however my problem at the momeht has to do with time management. I've always struggled with it in some fashion (I am Autistic w/ Executive Functioning issues), but in the past year I've had this annoying habit of procrastinating my way through mornings and then doing everything I need to do in the afternoons.

    I start out with the best of intentions to do stuff but unless I have somewhere to go, I just end up sitting on the couch watching YouTube videos for hours. It's just not good, it pushes everything into the afternoon and I can't get it all done.

    I know the phone would be the obvious source of blame, but its become so indispensable for just about everything that I can't just turn it off for a few hours.

    Any help much appreciated!
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    I can relate to this I'm 19 years old and I also have autism, but unlike you I don't have sex addiction I suffer from porn addiction and I blame porn on why I'm unhappy right now I never really had a girlfriend I'm still a virgin but I'm trying to become more spiritual and religious to help support myself but I still get massive urges to watch it. I combat my urges by reading the bible and praying not sure if it will help you but it is doing wonders for me.
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  3. Im an expert procastinator. Its my bread and butter. From a young age i procastinated everything i could. Over the years (29 now) ive improved massively due to major life changes.

    Nowadays I barely procastinate anything simply because i organized my life in such a way that all actions are important to me and i only have 1 hour of free time a day at most. Basically, get busy... Make a strategic life plan so that every single thing you do becomes important, then make sure to barely have enough time to get things done. Additionaly, make sure that when you dont do your duties, it has serious repercussions in terms of not reaching your goals.

    What helped me the most was starting vipassana meditation, daily excercise and actively (try to ) quit all addictions and time wasters.

    A most important thing is to find the right wakeup and sleeping rythm and organization throughout your day so you get things done when you can get things done best for you.
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