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Discussion in 'Partner Support' started by aruiz143, Mar 28, 2019.

  1. aruiz143

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    Should I be concerned if my boyfriend is looking up gay/transgender/sissy porn?
  2. BravelyKegger

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    yes you definitely should, before you know it hes going to have a bbc shoved up his ass and he will be wearing your clothing and fantasize about you getting fucked by other guys while he watches in the corner, he also probably fantasizes about you feminizing him and locking him in a cock cage while you treat him like trash and degrade him, just being honest here, sissy porn was what made me a porn addict.
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  3. StarvingSparrow

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    A little harsh...

    But you should be concerned regardless of what porn he is watching. The sissy porn stuff has always made me uncomfortable but a lot of guys on here say that it made their self-esteem really low. If you care about this person, let them know that you care. Hope things work out
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  4. BravelyKegger

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    Sissy porn is one of the most destructive porn genres out there, it promotes degrading, humiliation, self mutilation and harm, its tells you you are not worthy to live not worthy to love, it is vile garbage that should not be taken lightly. What i said was harsh but it is reality and she needs to hear reality.
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