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Need Help With Fetish Desperately

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by NeedHelp001, Feb 16, 2019.

  1. NeedHelp001

    NeedHelp001 New Fapstronaut

    I’ll give a shortened backstory first.

    During my mid mid teens I met a girl. I was into her and she was into me. Only problem was she had a boyfriend and was sexually active. It should have ended at that but it didn’t. She would talk about what they did and I found it excruciating and the amount of jealousy built up in me was horrible. I turned to masturbation as a coping mechanism. Now I have unwanted hotwife fantasies and hate myself for it.

    I have to desire to act these out, it’s just the only porn that gets me off now. I hate it, and myself for it and I don’t know if nofap will help.

    I google it after every session in disgust and all I see are people encouraging these fetishes on other sites.

    Again, I have no desire to act these feeling out in real life or anything degrading like cleaning. That’s disgusting.

    Is this something that can be fixed via nofap?

    I’m honesty desperate here.
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  2. bigboibez

    bigboibez Fapstronaut

    Yes sir, all porn induced fetishes will vanish if you nofap hardmode properly.

    This motivation you have after you fap will vanish the next day. It's how you push through it when your motivation to continue is low and every part of your brain is trying to make an excuse to fap.

    Many people can't simply white knuckle these urges. A lot of people use blockers, meditation and all this. I believe simply in an internet detox. You want to leave all your devices with internet access at a relatives house. You may think that you'll be bored. This will force you to do productive things like reading, working out, cooking good food. Plus, it will be litterally impossible to watch P, which is the real enemy here.
    Relapsing after long streaks drove me to further addiction and weird tastes. It's worth to go cold turkey whatever it takes from the start I reckon. Join my 20 days challenge too, there is a lot of support there.

    Good luck
  3. Lee741258963

    Lee741258963 Fapstronaut

    I think fetishes are all a part of porn addiction.
    Next time your fetishes bubbles up into your mind, just be cool about it - notice your fetish is there and then don't bother acting on it by thinking about it.
    Just notice your fetish has become something your aware of, then let it go.

    P.s. probably takes practice
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