Need help with my bowel syndrome

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by leoelster32, Jun 1, 2018.

  1. leoelster32

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    Hi everyone.
    I was addicted to masturbation for very long time since I first masturbath.
    I want to quit but the longest streak I could make was only 5 days. And then I am addicted again. Also I have some problems with my stomach (maybe IBS i guess) and usually I masturbath to relieve it. And my urges usually comes abour 15-20 minutes before my symptoms starts. Is there aanyone who experienced the same problem like me? I really need help cause I am too tired recently
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    ok nothing to with P but have you tried going vegan this really helped me with ibs.
    and i get why masturbating would make you feel better but its emotionally making you feel bad.stress, anxiety ,depression they are all so bad for your digestive system and your PA is going be causing that.
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  3. leoelster32

    leoelster32 Fapstronaut

    Thanks a lot for your advice. I'll try to consume less meat in the future
  4. Doc maff

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    From a medical view, your digestive symptoms should be explored but it is likley due to stress, and for sure PMO will relieve the pain because during the process of PMO your body release a big amount of dopamine which could act like a painkiller, personally i had this problem, and the issue is that pain in your bowl would be a strong Trigger since your brain got used to this hapit (fapping when pain in the stomach) my advice to you is to relax and to improve your diet by eating more fruit and vegetables but not necessarily being vegan
    Stay strong !
  5. leoelster32

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    Thank you very much for your advice. Well that's what happening to me right now. And it makes me struggle a lot even though i'm only in day one.
    I'll try my best to have more fruit and vegetable in my diet then.
  6. There are many things that suggest that excessive indulgence in PMO could be related to bowel issues. In fact, there are some people online who've thought that the onset of their conditions like leaky-gut syndrome were the result of excessive masturbation (this includes me). Keep in mind that different stomach pains, depending on their exact location and type of pain, may even have to do with prostate issues (also something that masturbation can cause). I wish you good luck in getting better.
  7. Peter Pettigrew

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    Try and lay off the breads and pastas. I have found that this helps tremendously. Eat more greens.
  8. Eat lots of steamed cabbage or Brussel sprouts

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