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Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by DrAwesome04, Sep 22, 2017.

  1. DrAwesome04

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    Hi guys,
    First of all let me give the background , so it may serve you better .
    I am a medical college undergraduate, in the first year , the college began just 2 weeks ago.
    The college timings are 4 hrs for now(will increase later). There are a total of 150 students in my batch, divided into 3 sections for Practical Classes, alphabetically.
    Now, I saw a girl on my first day and I am blown away (still). She is the perfect mixture of beauty and genius.
    So there are 2 Theory classes and 2 hrs of Practical class. I am in the 2nd section while she is in the 3rd.(Problem no.1)
    Between two theory classes we have just enough time to go from one lecture hall to another. No time for break , yet.(Problem no.2)
    The thing is , in the rush of changing lecture halls, one could not make conversations or to start a new one. Everyone is in a rush. I sat, and always try to sit near her seat but I couldn't come up with an IDEA to begin a conversation.
    I know I am an average guy, with everything average(except my IQ, I think) , and she is like the perfect one... I don't know what to do...Just feel like a vacuum inside my body ...squeezing me...
    Please give some advice.
  2. Karimtolstoi

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    Maybe you should start by some awkward question things like "are you a student with us?" It could make her laugh. The idea is to breaks the ice from the beginning and show that you are not always serious even in the midst of study hours.
  3. MeTP

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    The fuck just tell her that you are interested in her and you would like to meet with her and invite her for coffee.
    If you have any chance she will agree if no she will reject you. Simple as fuck, thank me later.
    Don't overthink.

    Do it if you wanna screw it from the very beginning.
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  4. you need to jump on this ASAP!! Pretty soon you'll be old like me, and there will be no one left to have a crush on.
  5. DrAwesome04

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    Alright, I will do it today... Fingers crossed..
    Dude this is India... I don't think so people do it here just as they meet someone.. But thanks for the advice anyways.
  6. DrAwesome04

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    As I said and you correctly pointed out , I haven't had a conversation with her...And that's why I need help on how to have it...
  7. SanityOverVanity

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    ^ some damn fine advice right there
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