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  1. Hi there, i dont know how but i need help, i have already tried the nofap challenge for a month, it was amazing but after that i did 15 days and then since two years not big score...
    I am a hard pmo'er since 10 years ,know i suffer from a severe brain fog after i was seing by everybody as a genius, i can not maintain my concentration for a long time and my grsdes are very low in med school , i have a mood lability during day,
    I dont find the power to get back to the battle,
    i surrender only after three days of abstinence
    Thank you guys for help
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    I'm sorry man. I'm just getting back on track after a long period of no PMO. Sounds like you have a freaking hard time keeping focus and doing well in the things you care about. That would make me feel pretty discourage and depressed. That sucks and I'm in this fight with you my man.

    I had depression really bad earlier this year, and that's when I PMO'd hard. I've gotten out of it and it's really helped my focus and determination come back. I can share with you what I did.

    First, I got a therapist for a few visits to get my mind on track. If you don't really like the therapist, don't go back. There are some awful ones that should just turn in their license out there.

    Two, I had to stop lying to myself and how terrible I was. And I had to give myself a break. You can do what I did. I had 5 things that I gave myself to do. That's it. 5 things. I'd choose them the night before, and once I'd complete them, I could relax and take it easy. It's hard to go full steam when you don't have motivation to pick up the fight, but you have to do something.

    Three, I kept track of my successes every day. I would write down 5 successes at the end of every day. And I would really celebrate and give myself credit for them. They can be the smallest of the small successes, but you find 5 every day and you give yourself credit. If you're going to get out of this, you have to love your self and start building confidence back that you can get shit done!
  3. Thank you so much man for your support, i will give it all what i have to destroy it, i will try to set each night a specific goals to achieve for the next day,
    Hope we can beat this Monster...
    Good Luck man
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    Hey Dude,
    There’s no doubt that PMO gives me brain fog. when I am clean I am much clearer. MUCH clearer. You have probably seen that as well. Identifying things for what they are has been really critical for me recently. You may have heard of the acronym HALT. Hungry Angry Lonely Tired. All these are totally triggers for me, and also cause the brain fog. Which in turn makes me want to PMO. I try to reduce those as much as possible by getting good sleep, eating right, etc. But more importantly when I recognize that I am suffering from one of those I am more likely to act out and continue the downward cycle. Cause that’s what it is. One thing leads to the other.
  5. []exercise everyday (no sweat no finish)
    []clean up diet (just be mindful of what enters make better choices)
    []always be doing things to keep you busy (not for a reward)
    []get outside
    []talk to people more
    []take vitamin d
    []play chess & soduko
    []read everyday

    [] cut your web use by booking a time to do everything you need to do on it. try cram it into the least time possible (you can write things down as they come to you until the time comes)
    []don't use your phone until you absolutely need it.

    i think ultimately technology is the cause of porn consumption and low attention span so don't use it fill your days with action
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  6. Thank you for the advice guys, i really appreciate it

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