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Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Teenager, Aug 11, 2020.

  1. Teenager

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    Is PE really cureable ? Anyone who cured PE by herbs and not stop squeeze techniques or by edging.What can I do to cure it without mastubation ? Iam 16 and my PE is induced by poor masturbation habits. Please help and I can't see a doctor so please dont reply me to see a doctor for PE. Feel free to share your experience . Which supplements could help?
  2. PeterNF.01

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    Yes it is curable. I haven't had it to be honest. But try to stay away from porn and masturbation for at least 90 days.

    If you're used to have very quick masturbation sessions, your brain may have gotten used to that, which may be what caused the PE.

    Also, drinking juice made of "passion fruit", and eating an animal (cooked) called "Lambí" in spanish may help. I'm not quite sure of the animal's name in english. Google it and you'll see. Hope these help.

    I don't know why you do not want to see a doctor, but if these do not work, the best advice would be to see one. There's no shame in reaching out for a professional's help. Whatever the reason, ask yourself this: Is it worth letting yourself suffer?
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    oh boy .........u r young believe me its all right ...just control it.......u know no matter what dont fap more than twice in a month. better yet do nofap for 90 days within 30 days wyou will be healed.
  4. Teenager

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    I did nofap for 147 days . But PE was still there

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