Need Huge Advice: Future and Dreams

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  1. I recently returned from an interview with a startup today and to be truthful this is my first interview in three years and I have been unemployed for a very long time. Within the interview the interviewer, who was also the CEO of the company was very bold and kind towards me. He said, after this, I will have one of my employees call you to either congratulate you or appreciate your attendance and the answer is no.

    Funny thing, I received a call when he said I would and they want me to come back for the second interview as they are interested in having me for the position.

    But here is the immense problem I am dealing with. My dreams, I have huge aspirations and this will lessen the time I have to get them and actually try. Should I go for them or settle and become whatever it is I will be for the rest of my life? Or should I be smart and do both?
  2. Are your dreams and your job mutually exclusive? Will it be difficult or impossible to pursue both at the same time?
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  3. The position offered is full time (5 days) and what I aspire will need at least three days a week to be pursued. 2 rest days would instead be me chasing my dreams and so would make it more complicated, yet it would be more endearing
  4. The only things in our life worth doing is the things we truly want. So, if you really want to pursue your dreams (and it sounds like you do) I think you should do it.
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    Who is paying for your bills? If you have money to live without a job then persue your dreams, but if not, someone is in charge of you and that may not be fair for that one. We gotta own our life anyway. Plus, sometimes is easier to persue our dreams with money in our pocket.
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    Take the job, because you got nothing to lose by trying it.
  7. Yes you are correct. And I need a job, so doing both will have to be the case
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