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Discussion in 'Fitness' started by BillyBobBoBoBo, Jan 7, 2021.

  1. Hey so been exercising for a while, with not many issues, but at times got stiffed and more recently getting knee and elbow pains, which I'm working around it, making me realise I need to do more for recovery. So I want to ask if you guys if you have any recommendations on what I can follow, like a yoga I can do 3 times a week.
    Fir after stretches I have been doing this 3 times each side, but want to work doing more during the day when I can;
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    I think rebounding exercise is perfect for you my brother :)
    I also do yoga everyday
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    Qi gong too for variety.
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    Yoga with Adriene on Youtube broh!i!
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    one of my favorite teachers !
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    If you have specific areas of the body that are stiff, look up stretches and yoga for that area. Iyengar and Viniyoga are good therapeutic modalities. Check the teachers bio for other qualifications that would indicate they know the body well. Also learn the kinesiology, some books and I'd imagine videos will have a little explanation about where you might feel or what muscles are being stretched, nothing like getting to know your own body then you know which ones will be the specific ones you need. But if nothing else just try some for a while.
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    I have done yoga all my life and i lift weights the two are good and very different and i found this year what is call movement practice its like yoga or mobility but you move while doing it, its very natural the most natural exercise and helps alot you see animals dont lift weights or stretch they move. so check that out
    ido portal is the master of movement practice you can find alot of videos of him in IG and youtube
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  9. I don't think I have the ceiling space for that, but thanks for thr suggestion.
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  10. Thanks for the suggestion there.
  11. Will look I to that.

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