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    I've been fapping for like 1-2 years straight and about 25+ times a month and i can't stop fapping. I'm depressed af and I need serious help to stop fapping. I have like 3000 hentai pics on my phone and i can't believe how degenerate iam. I'm thinking about quitting since fapping is ruining my life. Its a bad addiction and when i try to stop, i got the urge to touch my pee pee since i'm always alone in my room. Can someone help me stop fapping please. I only fap 1-2 times a day usually and i can control my urge and only fap when im alone.
  2. Mattew

    Mattew Fapstronaut

    Well, do something useful right now.

    Pick up your phone and delete all those 3000 images, and any porn material in there. I mean, erase everything.

    After that start not masturbating and not watching porn for the rest of your life. Get out of that illusion porn-world you're in, ans start to deal with the real world, like man do.
  3. Delete all shitty materials you have on your phone, your computer and anywhere you can store it. You don't need it, so delete it.

    You need also consider visiting a psychologist, who can assess whether you have serious depression or not. If it is illness, then you will need proffessional help, mate.

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