Need Solution: Feel tired and procrastinate even after leaving PMO, 29 Days

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Aristophanes01, Jul 2, 2021.

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    I Would request you to read and answer this post and not ignore it as I really need your insight. Thank You.
    Hi I had a Question, I have been following Nofap since the last 29 days but till now personally I don't feel any urge to go back (maybe once at max), but what is odd is that instead of feeling any of the benefits everyday I just feel tired and either I procrastinate or watch youtube, for the latter I have found the solution to block it during working time using cold turkey, but to be honest I don't understand what is wrong not only do I always feel tired but I dont feel any change, I mean is it that am I doing something incorrectly or what, please do tell me if anyone has a solution.
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    Im on day 16 today, and I do get a view things done because I force myself to and I have to, because I would fail exams otherwise. I force my self and it works but it is really not like it’s easy for me to get things done. I also am looking for a good explanation, and my only possible explanation is that we are in flatline. You’re a bit further in than me but I believe that it’s flatline and will stop pretty much from one day to another. Maybe day 40? No one knows
    Just accept your brain going through a rewriting phase which probably takes lots of energy to build up the right pathways again. This will be over someday so keep strong
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    what is your self talk like? what are your goals?.. itll probably help if you had something to constantly remind you of them.. I'm only on day 1 but if and when every once and a while I go a week. I get up easier and myself talk is more positive I think but I kno your sure I have more energy because I eat more and am less depressed.. I get out and let the sun hit me go for walks eat pretty healthy and think of ways to get rich.. ie starting my own youtube channel and find myself hitting up girls easily like high quality ones that I would be scared to talk to.. but maybe psych yourself out.. get in the shower smell good look feel good write down goals and your body will follow

  4. After reading a lot of recovery reports from people, it seems that low motivation for a couple weeks/months is not uncommon in the process of recovering from pmo addiction ( or any other addiction, for that matter ).

    My recommendation, which seems to fit in with other recommendations, is to just make sure your structuring the rest of your life well. Are you eating well? Eating clean? Fruits, veggies, meats, etc? Tons of junk food will make you feel like crap. Are you exercising? Do you have a consistent sleep schedule?

    Make sure you have these other things working properly. Best I can tell, eventually the recovery-induced exhaustion will go away. But if your tiredness is due to these other areas (sleep, diet, exercise, etc.), even being perfectly clean from pmo for a year won't make a difference.
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