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    Hey lovely Community!!

    I‘m new to this forum and I found it because of a video. In the last few days I discovered some videos about NoFap.

    A few facts about me:
    I‘m 21 years old and masturbated a long time during my puberty. I haven‘t thought about this during my puberty.
    The last year I went to Australia for about 8 month and met my girlfriend there. We are together for 8 month now. I really love sex but my problem is that I ejaculate very fast. Sometimes I could last a little bit longer but in the most cases I was very quick. This is really frustrating for me and I thought about this a lot. I also talked about it with my girlfriend.

    Now I‘m not fapping since a week and I have no problems with it. I don‘t wanna watch pornos anymore.

    I heard that my premature ejaculation could be through my heavy masturbation in my puberty. Maybe I trained myself to ejaculate early because you don‘t wanted to be seen by your mother or other family members.

    Do you think because of no fapping that my problem could be solved? I will try it!! Maybe the reboot after 3 month can help.
    I also heard that the neuronal pathways rebuild after 3 month. I will see it. But I‘m really sure that I don‘t wanna watch pornos anymore because that are just false imaginations.

    I just wanna have sex for a normal time and want to satisfy my girlfriend and I really think this is because I masturbated too much and fast when I was younger.

    Hope you can reply to this post.

    Best regards
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