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    So, this is a decision I've taken several times, to stop masturbating, to stop staring at girls and desiring them like they're food, to stop looking sexual stuff on the internet not only porn, to stop entering and matching sites, to stop doing this to my self and not being completely honest with my girlfriend, ending with this is something I've been fighting with for the last 3 years. I am a 20yr old medical student, although I've tried to stop masturbating or watching porn or sexy images I've never had support from others, never talked to anyone about my situation. So I hope you guys give me some advice on how to make things different this time and ending with this...
    For the last 6 years my longest achievement has been no more than 15 days without MO, I don't think I my greater problem is with P, but it is with MO, to the point I've felt the need of sneaking to the restroom at school for MO, this makes me sick... when I accidentally touch any random girl's leg or something I feel like I need to grope her, this is terrible, but it feels good writing this...
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    July 5th, 1st day of unknown first PMO (now at 14 days PMO using a block on my smartphone to eliminate porn that way)

    I feel hopeful to have found this website, I am cstguy. The stories I have read in my initial preview of PMO have been familiar to my current desire to change up my situation. I came to know about NoFAP through first seeing the Gary Wilson ted talk “Your Brain on Porn” which lead me down the search to find this group. I would say better time spent then what I have been doing with the internet lately, with porn, over an extended period of time. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel; I am hoping that it isn’t a freight train coming at me.

    I have experience with Sex Addicts Anon. and had been through an extensive 90 day program in the past when the best cell phone available was a second generation Motorola “brick”. The age of smart phones and internet access, as wonderful as it can be, now offers a greater challenge than ever before.

    I need to re-boot, as you say, so that I can get some sanity and enjoyment in my life and to feel empowered once again. I feel this is the way to get this done, I will be employing as many support structures as it will take to get this done, personal talk therapist, books, someone from the this site to help me, whatever it takes. I am aware of the challenge and hope to start out with a small step to see how I fit with the plan.

    Perhaps if you can relate to what I have said, we can message each other to see if we are a good fit for each other.

    I hope my short Bio helps.

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