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Discussion in 'Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunctions' started by myhardestjourney, Jun 9, 2019.

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    Okay, not sure if I am writing on the right log but anyway, it has to do with sexual health.

    Okay I need people that know the answer to this or that have been through the same situation.

    I actually feel comfortable with myself, I am trying to quit porn and I am going in the right direction. The problem is I am not getting morning erections, and want to know if that is normal. I can masturbate without a problem (Sometimes I do have problems getting an erection) But my morning woods are not as they used to be. I don't get THAT hard I just get a little bit hard or not hard at all. I have to mention I am 18 years old so I am 100% sure all this issue is mental and not physical. I am a virgin (mentioning it just in case) But I have had sexual relations in the past (oral sex). I used to feel bad about myself in the past, but I got aroused and all that. The thing is I recently read a post about someone who was not getting morning woods and from that on it started to happen to me, or maybe I realized I had that problem.

    I want to get morning woods back, I am 18 Y/O. Is it because I am STILL recovering from PMO, or is it something else? I mean, maybe all this PMO recovery thing made it difficult for my body to get erections in the morning and it's just a matter of time til I get them back. Thank you guys for helping me :)
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  2. I stopped getting them in my early twenties. Never got them again until I started nofap last year. I’m 38 now :)
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    How many days did it take before you started getting them? I'm 27, and after starting this streak I got some morning woods but not that hard and they went away pretty fast. I was a pretty heavy fapper unfortunately
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  4. I've got morning wood back after my best streaks(40+days). I'm looking forward to see them again ;)
  5. Around 60 days. Everyone is different though. My advice is to not even worry about it.
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