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    I try to put the link to my journal to my profile page, so I can get there faster. I copy the link from the thread and post it in the right place at my personal details(journal link thread or sth). When I go in my profile page, then information section and press the link to my journal, I get an error 404. Any help?
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    To overcome this temporarily problem go to your information section of your profile
    and put your "link to your journal" there.
    I think you need to be here

    It's handy indeed to find your own journal fast :)
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  3. Also, make sure the link you copy is a "clean link" to the first part of your journal, not a link to post #76 on page 5 (or which ever post and page)

    So, instead of this:

    You can remove the unneeded code and clean it to:

    Note that you need to include everything up to the / after threads exactly as is appears in the url of you browswer. Then all you need is another slash and the thread number (not the post number).

    You can remove the title of the journal and any page and post numbers.

    Hope that helped.

    - L
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