need some opinions and tips about Rebooting process

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    I want to share my experience with you and ask for your tips and opinions.

    I am 27 years old now.

    I started masturbating at a very young age, like 7 or 8. I did not even know what I was doing. Just liked the feeling.

    Later, at the age of 10-11, I started watching porn. About two years after that, I started watching more and more hardcore porn. I ended up watching some orgies and BDSM actions.

    At the age of 15, I had my first attempt to have sex with a girl. It failed and I was really disturbed. It got me 3 years to try once more. The result was the same. Next years I had several attempts and it failed as well. I had plenty of opportunities to have sex, but I always tried to get out of that situation because of lowering self-confidence due to the failed attempts. Meanwhile, I was continuing satisfying myself by watching porn and masturbating on it.

    Two years ago, I started a relationship with a girl and about 20 months ago I tried to have sex with her. I got somewhat aroused but before penetration, I lost erection and lost the desire to continue. It felt like I was not being with a naked girl at all. I tried a couple of times but the result was the same. Several times I did not get aroused at all.

    I have not had a successful sexual act with a girl till now and I also have not had morning wood for many years.

    At the end of June, I discovered some information about PIED and it's effects on my problem. So I started to stop watching porn for good. It was not hard at all.

    I just ejaculated 2 times in this period, when I was sexting my girlfriend. I did not even touch my penis though. It happened itself.

    During these 4-5 months, I had some improvement periods in arousal and morning woods, but it was not consistent.

    I wonder, how if someone had such a hard situation and if should I have the hope to get out of this one day. Also, based on my story, what do you think, how long do I need to get back to normal at last?

    Thank you for your attention. I hope, that we all will get there at last.

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