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Should I go to my crush and say directly - Hey gal, I like you a lot, as in an man likes a woman.

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  1. Yes- Go and say it to her.

  2. May be- She will slap ya.

  3. No- give the message subtly

  4. Hell , I don't know anything.

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  1. DrAwesome04

    DrAwesome04 Fapstronaut

    How can you know within the first conversation whether the girl likes you or not? I s she interested? Does she want to friendzone me? How can you tell?
    And if she doesn't how do make her like you?
    Any advices or anecdotes please.
  2. The idea of a friendzone is kinda stupid... it's like thinking that we deserve any girl we want and it's "not fair" if they only want to be just friends. The truth is that we shouldn't expect anything more than friendship until they reciprocate romantic feelings toward us.
    Girls are all pretty different and unique (some in a good way, some in a bad way lol) so it may be difficult to know for sure if she has feelings for you. I think your best approach is to just come out and ask her on a date. If she makes some excuse then she probably thinks of you only as a friend.
    I guess some indicators might be if she is playing with her hair, giving you "the look" with her eyes, she ever touches you (not sexually, although if she touches you sexually she probably likes you lol), or if she is ever nervous/fidgety when talking with you. Again, every girl flirts differently but a lot will smile at you, make fun of you/tease you about stupid sh*t, laugh at the unfunny sh*t you say, and make time to talk/hang out with you.
    Also, I don't think you can really make someone like you. The best you can do is be her friend while simultaneously improving yourself and if something happens down the road, it happens.
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  3. DrAwesome04

    DrAwesome04 Fapstronaut

    Hmm.... Food for thought.
    Will keep this in mind.
    By the way- last time we talked she laughed a lot , and I made myself look a bit stupid and vulnerable so that she doesn't think of me as too much macho.
    Was it right?
  4. IamRick

    IamRick Fapstronaut

    A smile, eye contact, physical touching & laughing at your jokes are all huge indicators shes into you. If some girls are really into you they'll find ways to just "happen" to be around you so you can talk to them more. Its best to not really care about these indicators though & just assume shes into you, you'll be way more confident if your not worrying about making a good impression.

    The best thing you can do if a girl doesn't seem that into you is talk to other girls. I had a co worker I was really into & made the mistake of giving her too much attention too soon. Naturally she stopped showing interest & contributed less & less to our conversations. Rather than try harder I gave her the bare minimum of attention (hellos instead of hugs), (One word answers etc) & started to talk to other girls around her. Well wouldn't you know it, she started suddenly approaching me & starting conversations, I'd look up & catch her staring it was hilarious. Women are insanely jealous of other women & find men that other women find attractive extremely attractive, use that to your advantage.

    As long as your not too needy & keep your conversations short but sweet in the begging, gradually shes gonna want more of you. Don't make the mistake of giving too much too soon. Voted "No- give the message subtly" btw.
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  5. superninjared

    superninjared Fapstronaut

    Just attract women and forget about the outcome. This video should set you straight :)

  6. Apexkid

    Apexkid Fapstronaut

    Friendzone simply doesn't exist
  7. Second_chance

    Second_chance Fapstronaut

    Interesting points about the Friendzone. I would do it simplier. Just ask her out to see a movie or a museum or to a bar o whetever you suits you. If she say yes then she's interested if not move on and don't waste more time in someone who doesn't want you the same way you do.
  8. señor

    señor Guest

    one of the best ways to separate yourself from other men is to be up front and honest with your intentions from the start. no beating around the bush like the other tools, be reckless and go for it. if she's not into it, then cool, you just saved yourself a lot of time and heartache by not wasting your energy on a girl who's not feeling you. if she is into it (and she will be far more often when you're upfront) then damn it that's pretty cool too. fear of rejection is natural yet irrational, and embracing it is an important step towards meeting your goals
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