Need someone to really bring me back where I was (advice please!!)

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by simongook, Aug 23, 2015.

  1. simongook

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    So over this past week, I've relapsed like 9 times with a 1 day streak in between. 1 of those times being this morning. I feel like I've lost my real reasons for why I want to stop, I relapsed on p subs. Why do I feel like I want to keep looking but also I really want to stop. Every time I'm on a streak, I feel so convinced to look at it and when I relapse I feel shame, diaspontiment in myself. I feel like this addiction is making me a perv, I caught myself looking at a little girl's behind. I feel so mucked up. Advice is greatly appreciated.
    And I'm looking for a ap , around my age I'm 16btw and I started looking at YouTube vids of stuff at like age8-9 and eventually got into p like 1-2 years later and masturbated at 12
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    I recommend you watch a load of youtube videos about NoFap then look at your own life.

    You'll find your reasons. I've watched the same videos many times to serve as reminders of why I'm here.

    Wish I started at 16...
  3. Lightningbob1964

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    Keep reading. Keep posting. Keep trying.
  4. Because your mind and soul are in complete conflict.

    Even for myself, I have learned that NoFap is NOT a race for the swift. You have to be gentle with yourself and begin to learn about the mysteries of sex and semen.

    In your mind, you want to stop PMO, but in your soul you want to watch PMO. Your soul is where your actual desires are. Understand that you're a soul, MUCH more than you are a body. Your soul is where your personality and intentions come from.

    You need to align and balance yourself through meditation. We all have energy points called chakras, and things like emotional processing helps to align those energy points.

    If your emotions are all over the place, and your mind, body and soul are unbalanced, then how do you expect to stop PMO?

    Many of us are fragmented and broken. This is also what causes wet dreams, no alignment between mind and soul.

    Also, read up on sexual transmutation. If you're not allowing yourself to transmute that sexual energy to your brain, then how do you expect to flee temptation?
    If you learn about sexual transmutation, you can literally transfer that sexual energy up through your spine and into the brain.

    We perish for a lack of knowledge. If we're not educating ourselves on who we are as humans and what we're REALLY made up of, then how can we expect to succeed?
  5. simongook

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    I've actually been doing cold showers at 6 in the morning and I would meditate for 15mins just focusing on my breath. And for sexual transmutation, I've read Taoist cultivating male sexual energy but for some reason some things in that book triggered me. Do u have anything specific I can do for sexual transmutation? I've got a lot of sites blocked especially Google since that's where my relapses start. Thanks for the feedback btw
  6. Hi. When you're horny is actually the best time to enjoy the feeling of transmuting the energy. Ride the wave of arousal and use it to your advantage.

    Read my first comment on this post here:

    Also, here's a video which talks about it in a bit more length. I'm too tired to write another essay about sex transmutation.

    If you've got any more questions, just ask. I will answer.

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    Hey, thanks for the vid. question though: What should i do when i get to the point where I have to arouse myself? and how long does it take for the first part (the spinal breathing) until i could do the part of arousing myself.

    edit: Im single btw so should i just stick to spinal breathing 10mins everyday and do my meditation where im concentrating on my breath? or just use spinal breathing when an urge hits?
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  8. Thought these were all talked about in the video, bro?

    As for the arousal part, I don't actually do that bit. I feel it's something I only need to do when I actually get aroused naturally or if I'm feeling horny in general, then I'll just transmute it there and then in the moment. I don't feel there's any need to purposely arouse myself. It's up to you if you wish to do that bit, but whilst I'm still rewiring, I'll give that a pass.

    The spinal breathing takes as long as you like. You will feel in your body when the sexual fire has been transmuted into the brain. You've just got to be sensitive to your own body.
  9. Yep. About 20 minutes or more if you really want good results with this all.

    Just transmute the sexual fire in the moment you feel it in any given moment.
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  10. melancholy king

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    I can't give any advice on this matter, I had about 2 separate streaks, each lasting about a month in total, however since then I have been unable to last more than a few days, looking back if I had just said no then I would've already been largely cured, I screwed up then now the struggle is even worse.
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  11. Billy Allen

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    First off bro, we all fall off the wagon sometimes, but be assured you haven't thrown everything away. Take baby steps, if one day sounds hard try going by the hour. Even a small goal is a good one. Once you succeed try for longer the next time. Just keep getting up, we are here to lift each other up
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  12. NoBrainer

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    Well, for a start, watch this video:

    Secondly, you need to take a step back and really sit down and figure out what you're doing here on nofap and exactly why you're trying to quit. I recommend following the advice I have outlined in this thread. First you need to work out exactly what you're doing, and then you need to figure out exactly how you're going to achieve your goals.

    If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me! :)
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  13. Magor

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    Dude, know that when you get the ball rolling, life will become so much better.

    Start your streak, and every time you feel the urge to fap, feel that energy and use that same energy in something productive.

    Napolen Hill calls this 'sexual transmutation', you transmute the sex energy into improving your life. And that is in my opinion how you succeed at nofap. You use the energy to your advantage. So the next time you get an urge, just try to focus on that energy and go do something that needs to be done, you'll perhaps notice that the thing becomes a little easier to do. Then as your streak goes on, it becomes easier and easier to do things.

    Climbing up from the hole looks so hard when you're at the bottom at it, but the further you climb, it actually becomes easier and easier, and when you're out of the hole it becomes enjoyable - you look back and think "why the hell didn't I start climbing up sooner?".
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  14. Icyweb

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    Write a list of why you want to be done with it. A few ideas,
    Because you deserve to be free of it.
    Because your loved ones deserve for you to be free of it.
    To make you a better more patient person.

    Make this list right now, not in a few minutes.
    I would not do that at all. It sounds like a very easy way to start heading down relapse road.
    I've never done any transmuting or focused on semen retention. I try to focus on living a good life and doing real things. I naturally have more energy, and more will to use it, when I'm not pmoing. I don't think you need any special techniques or rituals to access this energy, you need to just do it. Do whatever it is you need the energy for, and if you're not wasting it with pmo, it will be there for you. Transmutation seems like a placebo to me.
    I'm sure I'll receive a lengthy reply from a supporter of transmutation, but those are my thoughts.
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  15. simongook

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    Hey guys, Thanks for the advice, I appreciate it a lot because I dont know anyone in real life that actually knows more about this stuff than I do. I dont want to be that person who breaks their neck (not literally) in public when I see a hot girl because thats what most of my friends do. You guys are my only real support in this journey to break free. :)

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