Need suggestion of sex position for newly wed

Discussion in 'Rebooting in a Relationship' started by FY_33, Jun 5, 2021.

  1. FY_33

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    Hello everyone, Its been a long time since i post in this forum.

    I am on hard mode, and already passed 150 days.

    I need a suggestion since in 3 weeks i am Going to marry the girl i love so much❤️.

    We both virgin and need a suggestion of sex position. Any ideas?

    I have read, i prefer where i can look at her face and boobies while sex. But i think i need a bit more creative. She said, she want me to be aggresive first and teach her about how to please me in bed.

    Lucky for me, my fiance doesnt mind to give me blowjob and boobjob when we are married :). I think i need to learn 69 position too.

    Thank you everyone! I appreciate your suggestion!
  2. ANewFocus

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    Explore it together when you’re married. Just enjoy it and have fun.
  3. FY_33

    FY_33 Fapstronaut

    Thank you bro. Yes, we have so much room to explore since we both virgin :)
  4. p1n1983

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    She is asking you to be the man and lead the interaction. She trust in you to lead the sex encounters to a success. So.. do that! She is been totally submisive to you because she trust your masculine core. When you finally get in bed with her try what ever you want an see what work for you and her. At the end of the day love is fun, sex is fun and also pleasure so enjoy all the process.
    Tell her what you like and of course don't make her do stuff she is not confortable with. Also look for things she likes and make her confortable to share with you the things she likes too.
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  5. FY_33

    FY_33 Fapstronaut

    Of course bro. I Will make her enjoy making love with me. So our Bond is strengthened and our love become stronger. I think i must train oral and fingering. Since she doesnt mind to give me blowjob,(of course handjob too).

    Well she is trying to study and explore too. But she is againts sex in the car and i don't intend to do that except kissing, grope or petting her boobs to spice things up before we go to bed.(of course must see condition: no one around)

    Thank you for the advice!
  6. FunAtomis

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    Hmmm. Dude.

    I will tell you what my friend did. Buy a book about Kamasutra, sex positions and try everything. One thing, if she is a virgin don't be aggressive. Actually don't be aggressive to your wife at all. First time is always kind of overrated. It's awkward, you will loose a boner because of stress, then you will have your boner back. Then she might experience some pain etc as her first time. Take it easy, have some fun. Talk to each other, have laugh, hug eachither. That's what you will remember for ever. Foreplay is the key, that's fun and best way to learn.
  7. EyesWideOpen

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    Buy the book The Great Sex Rescue. It's for the pleasure for both of you.
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