Need to cut off Online Dating?

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by primo19, May 3, 2019.

  1. primo19

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    Hello there.
    I have a question about online dating during hard mode reboot.
    Soo I started again my streak after a few slips and I want to cut off all dopamine boosters from my life, no porn, no masturbation, limited social media, no fantasizing during reboot, you know.
    But I met a nice girl on online dating site and we talk with each other during about a month thought. I don't talk with her directly about sex and all of this, but sometimes I tease her a little bit, that flirty vibe comes in, and my thoughts about relapse start flowing in my head and so on. I know that i release dopamine through this and I feel bad because of that.
    My question is if I need to cut that contact off? It's literally the only girl I talk through web, I don't use shit like Tinder anymore.
  2. Dr. Mario

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    There's your answer. If you're trying cut off dopamine boosters, and online dating is a dopamine booster, you have to cut off online dating.
    That said, I think cutting off dopamine boosters is a goofy goal to begin with. Cutting off porn and masturbation and social media and fantasizing all make sense. But that makes sense because those activities are destructive, not because dopamine is destructive.
    Personally, if I was hitting it off with a woman, I'd keep things clean, but keep things going.
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  3. SpoonDog

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    It would be a shame to do that. Keep going and see where it takes you... just be careful with the content of your messages.
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