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    I assure you this is all true...A friend of mine recently died and he was a leg amputee who was close to 7 feet tall. His family gave me his prosthetic leg so I could possibly donate it to someplace that makes prosthetic limbs and they could, in effect recycle it. Only thing is, as ideal as that sounds, such limbs are quite high tech and very finely tuned to the person who is going to be the end user, to the point that they're unuseable by almost anyone else. Plus those who usually need them are combat-wounded amputee vets or people who are on disability, so they're going to be getting new ones provided by the state, so I'd assume there really isn't a lot of need for used prosthetics. If anyone here knows of an organization that might be willing to take this thing off may hands, please let me know because I don't know where to even start looking.

    Just as an aside.....This guy's leg cost thousands of dollars and is mainly made of titatnium, but it just blows my mind that the thing may now be all but worthless and going straight into the trash. The titanium isn't even worth 40 cents a pound, so even if it could not be put back into use as a limb, it wouldn't even be worth it to drive across town to unload it at the metal recycling place. To help his family out, I accepted custody of one of his audiophile-quality, name-brand stereo preamps with the agreement that I would sell it and send them the money. Wanna know something though? As posh and still-useable as it is, i fear that now it's a BOAT ANCHOR. It works fine, he bought it new and it's only gently used. But I'm already seeing that this thing is going to be tough to sell. There are only a few of them on Ebay and for all I know they could have been sitting there forever with no one biting at the asking price. I may just have to put it up for a no-bid auction on the 'bay as the only way to unload it. It is amazing how many things in this world YOU may think are valuable, but which, at the end of the day, nobody would give you a wooden nickel for. It's a current production model that sells for about $400 new. But things in this world are only monetarily worth what people will pay for them, no matter how little that is.

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