Need to reboot my brain ASAP!

Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by DavidRH654, Sep 1, 2020.

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    Hey everyone. Been an addict to PMO for almost 10 years now and I really didn't think it was a big deal as it seemed that it wasn't really interfering with my life in any noticeable way... that is until I got a girlfriend and ohh booy I realized the damage I had done to myself. I now have a preeeetty bad case of DE, so bad in fact that at first it almost destroyed my relationship. The first few times I didn't came were not a big deal, but then I didn't came the next time, and then the next time and well after a while it really destroyed her self confidence and self-esteem, despite me telling it wasn't her fault at all. Eventually, things got better but I desperately need to heal my brain, it kills me to think the damage I did to her self-esteem, but I also have to do it for my own good as who knows how many other negative side effects PMO brought into my life.
    Hope joining this community helps me in any way rebooting and rewiring
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    Welcome aboard!
    Yes you will get help! No it won't happen in a day.

    The longer you abstain from P the better. It took time for your brain to build its current addictive neural pathways, it will also take time to heal.
    Doing other things like exercising, meditation/prayer, good natural food diet all help.

    Welcome to a better you and a whole new life, you are on the right track. Your brain is on its way to heal.

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