Need to stop sexting but i feel empty if i stop...

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by Kristen, Apr 28, 2016.

  1. Patric

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    Who told you that you could find a partner that would be OK with the others P addiction? You'd prob scare that person off if you told them on the first day. If you didn't and continue your P usage -> dishonesty, which is the thing you want to get rid off.
    Sir, it's just advice. You can think about it or you don't, simple as that.
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    @Kristen, while I am certain that you wrote the above in order to honestly share your problem and worries with the community, in order to genuinely seek help, I am sure that you realize that -- especially here, a magnet for porn- and sex-addicts -- your post might very likely tempt the less scrupulous among us into trying to "sext" with you. :rolleyes:

    I ask of you -- or of any others who might similarly receive inappropriate private-messages -- to use the "Report" mechanism to officially report such incidents to the moderators. :cool:
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    patric you seem to look at this with glass half empty.of course its possible that you could find a partner that would accept your addiction,i'm sure a lot of women would find it refreshing that a guy is being honest and strong confronting his problems.
    Honesty to yourself and others is the first step through this! I do plenty of thinking !!!!!
  4. Patric

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    That's true and it's great that you have come to the point of being able to be honest about it!
    However I would suggest to focus on getting rid of the PMO addiction first.
    But if that's your approach and you find it successful in your road to get rid of your P addiction, try it. Just don't try it with people here, that's my advice.
  5. that is key, your so right.
  6. Shazy

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    Hi.. R u still with the flow, have u managed to stay off sexting ..??
  7. huuuummm not keen on that quote, man is born to love and to live in the moment not suffer and fight, that is the sad views that have got the human race in this mess in the first place.
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    Yes if you live in a forest, the exact location of which is unknown to all but Smurfs and Mother Nature.
  9. The secret of change is to focus all your energy not fighting the old, but on building the new.

    Stop making posts complaining about your shitty life. Stop making posts saying how you're sick of being addicted to porn. Stop talking about porn altogether.

    Instead, transform your journal into a self-improvement journal, focused 100% on moving towards the life you want.

    "Forget" about porn.

    This is basic rebooting stuff, yet many people are constantly breaking this rule. They write about porn cravings, morning woods, spontaneous erections, what day they're on, how much they struggled to abstain, how they can't wait to reach 90 days, etc.

    When you consistently focus 100% on building the life you want, your mind will naturally move away from porn. You will also lessen the void left by quitting porn, which is very real.

    this is from read ir it helped me a lot
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  10. Cockyau

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    If it's empty, find something to fill in :)
    There are many things to do: read a book, learn to play a musical instrument, hit the gym, join some club, clean your house, learning a new skill, etc. You don't have to fit in, just find some that's really fit you.

    And personal thought is important. Erm...... it's perhaps your self-esteem or whatever......Just how you feel.
    I don't even spend any time on books during my elementary school and secondary school. But since my high school I started to read textbook and fare well in academics, from noob to the top. I even self-taught mostly my Mathematics (secretly...) and Additional Mathematics (this one my teacher let me did that); to the contrary I thought Mathematics was something must be taught by teachers and can't be studied on your own before I attempted it! Now I'm self-studying a professional certificate; and most of the time when I told it to the people I met (even my former school principal), they will response, "Can it be self-studied without teacher?" All I said was yea but true answer is: it's better than wasting my time and money away in the lecturer hall, seriously the lecturers sucks.

    The words always spoken, " if I can do it, sure you can do it too." It's just the self-imposed cage that impeding you, and believe it, you are holding the key exactly in your hand! Start doing something, at first it's difficult, you may feel your incompetence or powerless or even stupid; but stay on it! Do it several times, reflecting and learn from your mistakes, you will feel that's easy! No, it's extremely damn easy!!! Yea initially I thought to score A in 10 subjects need you to be a study-ironman and spend 10 hours everyday. Nonetheless, and to my amazement, one to two hours per day is more than sufficient; got to be consistent.
  11. Raiden27d

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    I've been stuck in a sexting loop for years. It started from my genuine interest in clean RP, turned into sexual RP, then combined with pornography in a way that it's really got a hold on me I think worse than video porn. I could and have done this all day long and I feel empty about what I've done with my life. I have accomplishments that I should be proud of but I'm so exhausted and unconfident due to this unbreakable habit, I have huge issues just talking to females I am attracted to. In fact I just don't. I feel like I am missing out when I stop and the slightest urge sets me back on the path of getting sexting partners, rping for hours, then going back to feeling miserable and hopeless. I understand what you're going through completely. I feel like I don't know who I am or who I was before PMO, it's all I've known since I've been 12 years old. Send me a DM if you need someone to talk to, its 2 12 am and of course I have insomnia from all these issues, I don't know what I'm going to do. Maybe talking to someone who is going through the same thing will help.
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  12. Star Lord

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    You are stuck in an endless spiral atm. I remember a few months ago you posted the same thing about how you keep sexting etc. If you really want helpful advice. Grab your phone and chuck it in the trash. Honestly bin the phone. Sexting will be next to impossible to get over if you always have the phone to hand. Now I know for a fact that you will never be able to just throw away the phone because your phone is the means for your addiction to thrive. I can't really suggest anything else. Because so long as that phone is in your possession you will have a near impossible challenge to overcome. Sorry to be a buzz kill but sometimes you have to make serious choices if you want to be free of a serious problem. If you can throw away the phone, then you'll find yourself bored. Once you are bored your brain will start looking for new things to do. The world is your oyster, not your phone.
  13. Kristen

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    Well its 54 days pmo free (sexting free)...and i still have my phone :O
  14. Star Lord

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    This thread is old news then lol
    Still I don't think your out of the woods yet. Don't let your guard down and if you thinking your about to fall, slow down and think it through. Good luck
  15. SoggySailor

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    Agree with 8bits. Masking the problem with a "healthy relationship" is no use. I think Kristen needs to be strong irrespective of her relationship status. Oh, And another thing. Somebody here will beg you to stop. I wish I'd seen my problem at your age. Go, Kristen - we're proud of you.
  16. SoggySailor

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    Kristen. I'm begging you top stay strong. Well done so far. If you do find the phone a problem, how about getting a dumb phone, so you still can SMS and phone, but can't do more than flirt , textually?

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