Need urgent help guys.!!! Trigger warnings.

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Sharavana, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. Sharavana

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    So hi..
    I i have been trying to quit femdom/ humiliation porn from a very long time.

    I had a foot fetish from a very long time..
    Like at the age of 10 or so..
    I used to play with a girl opposite to my house.. Where she would be the queen..
    I would be her doormat.
    She would enter the room and right in front of the chair.. I would be laying down
    She would look down at me laugh and sit on chair.
    She would sit crossed legs.. And then snap her fingers..
    I would lick the bottom of her feet she used to just look down and smile cutely..

    As soon as i was done she would wipe her feet on my face..

    Later we shifted . Never saw her.
    At the age of 13 my aunt got married and came to our house.. She was very dominant.. I loved her feet. She always sat crossed legs...

    Im not sure why later i started looking at actress feet and femdom scenes on movies..

    Later at 18 got access to high speed internet...
    Looked to lot of fetish vedios.. Later into trampling.. And then to spitting .
    My fav is when a beautiful girl is mean and ignores u when slave licks the bottom of her shoe.. Or laughs at him..

    Why is this like this...
    Looks like i loved what my childhood queen did to me..

    How do i recover from this

    Pls help.....
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  2. learning

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    Maybe you can find a girlfriend or wife who enjoys femdom too. The problem is not the types of things that arouse a person; it is excessive indulgence in sexual arousal of any kind that is the problem. Sex with a partner is NOT so likely to become a problem, because one person will moderate the behavior of the other person. Also sex with another person has other elements such as friendship - not just arousal.

    So don't worry about having a femdom fetish. Focus on finding a loving partner. Even if that person isn't excited by femdom she will probably be willing to cater to your fetish at times. ... Of course I've never had a relationship, so maybe I shouldn't give advice on it.
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  3. Sharavana

    Sharavana Fapstronaut

    But why do i like it so much to be under a female boot or shoe..
    And enjoy when she smiles down at me..
  4. 21yearsin

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    Not many women are going t be willing to be a dominating queen in a relationship. I guarantee that
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  5. the promise

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    Wow oktry to remember somthing that happend to you as a child other than the queen stuf yes is kind of strange but i guess is more comon than what i think idknow men u should love yourself more
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  6. learning

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    I suspect that fetishes bring back memories of our earliest feelings of sexual arousal? For that matter, why are some people attracted to the same sex instead of the opposite sex? I believe there are many cases of identical twins where one is homosexual and the other is heterosexual. Who cares what arouses us as long as it isn't dangerous or harmful to the people participating.

    Probably you consume too much porn just like most people here? That is your only problem. The types of things that arouse you is irrelevant. Desiring to be submissive to a woman is not a problem. It's very common. Often men whose normal role is dominating others (leaders) will gravitate towards the submissive role in sex.
  7. learning

    learning Fapstronaut

    Hmmm, that surprises me, but I guess you are a woman and would know better than me due to talking to other women and so forth. I won't pretend to be an expert on all this - just trying to give some suggestions and encouragement.
  8. learning

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    BTW, @Sharavana , as I read your childhood story of playing doormat for that little girl, I thought it sounded like a good thing instead of a weird thing. It's only natural that this cherished happy memory from childhood might affect your sexual fantasies as an adult. You shouldn't feel weird or embarrassed IMO.
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