Needs and Goals

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  1. Just thought this would be useful :)

    I’ve been researching how to improve myself and I was reminded of Maslow’s Hierarchy it Needs and 8 Dimensions of Wellness.

    And then I realized... these fit so well together!

    Notice how each of the Need areas in the first picture translates to Goal areas in the second picture:

    Physiological —> Physical
    Safety —> Environmental
    Belonging and Love —> Social
    Esteem —> Emotional
    Cognitive —> Intellectual/Occupational/Financial
    Aesthetic Needs —> Intellectual/Spiritual
    Self Actualization —> Occupational/Spiritual
    Transcendence —> Spiritual/Social

    Now I guess the whole point of this is to remember to set goals in each area of your lives, and not only will needs be met, but progress will be made.
  2. Life coaches use something called the Wheel of Life, which helps to address exactly this sort of thing.

    They do indeed fit together.

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