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  1. Not sure where to post this but here we go.
    Was at the gym today and I was going over to do military press.
    As I look towards the rack, the normal bar is missing the Olympic style and left is laying a smaller shorter one. I was a little bummed because Olympic bars are standard 45 pounds and Im on a program that runs off percents so I don't just pick any weight to put on. I just said whatever feels like 30 I included in the weight and went to work.
    This older guy next to me starts talking about how someone broke it, saying this isn't Gold Gym , why are they lifting so heavy (lol )I kinda nod off. He keeps talking about how could someone do it and not tell anyone blah blah blah. I agree with him and say yeah its a shame but its okay we make it work..Later he starts talking about legalizing drugs ect ect now to me and a different guy because we were all working in together. Just bringing up negative thing after another cussing in every sentence while doing his sets. Lol

    Something about longer streaks and sensing peoples energy more and it feels like its trying to get on you.
    Than I was thinking I can be negative from time to time not in the same fashion but Its not only unattractive but its childish.
    Life happens its different for all of us , we all struggle with something
    Were all from different backrounds we don't all need to run around with a grinning smile everywhere but we own it to ourselves to bring positivity back into the world.
    I wish all of you guys a great, rest of your week. Remember true, stay stoic. Lets push each other to greater heights.

    One last thing, "if your not putting a brick down, someone else is"
    Get it!
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  2. I don't go to gyms anymore due to situations like this.

    What I find more damaging in some gyms is ego. Vanity. Pride.

    Alot of dudes are looking for mere aesthetics, and some women are looking to become more noticeable to the opposite sex. The gym is a breeding ground of energy for the energy of selfishness. Me and my body, making it big and muscular for the sole sake of appearing somehow worthy of respect when some kung fu Master half the size of one these weightlifters could absolutely destroy them in a fight. What use is the ego after all, really? Does pumping heavy iron do nothing other than make you feel content with yourself? Lifting heavy isn't the way to amazing health and vitality, it simply gives you big muscles, whatever those really do for you well that may either be of benefit or of hindrance.

    A great site for anyone fed up with gyms:

    I also find complaining to be a useless form of negativity in itself. The truth will set you free. If you can't handle it, well your skin isn't very thick.
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    Great post, this really resonated with me, when ever I go to gym, some people tell me, you shouldn't lift weights, blah blah, etc... I'mm like IDK, we all have battle, I liked his post because you and I think alike, great minds think alike, staying positive or even neutral can be beneficial, because others just wan to complain and have a victim mentality, so we are leading examples for others to improve them selves in their day to day lives.

    I hope you have a good week too bro,
    keep lifting, eat clean
    and stay strong and positive :)
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    complaining or hearing to someone's complain is the worst thing because it hijacks our mind into thinking negative. I think our mental framework is such that it is attracted without any effort towards negative things while for staying positive or even neutral we have to make efforts~ Personal observation

  5. Hey. I totally agree there is a lot of vanity and pride involved. In the winter I train in the gym and summer I do more calisthenics type of stuff mixed in with compounds. Lifting in general is something I enjoy.
    I quit smoking drinking and other negative things in my life and lifting isn't the end all is most peoples mentality.
    Its a life style but it doesnt consume your life.
    By the way lifting heavy doesnt mean you will have big muscles, if your rest times are five minutes between sets and you only eat maintenance. You just get stronger :)
    Your standing there doing a handstand that takes control strenght, or you got 200 pounds on your back and squating deep knowing that you could injury yourself.
    That builds crazy will power.
    It's all about getting stronger, just being active, feeling better about yourself, releases frustration instead of relying on drugs or sitting in front of the computer for hours.
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  6. I'm sorry if that sounded gruff at all I am actually a very gentle person in many ways.

    And I don't mean to bad-mouth all gyms, I have been a member at gyms where you don't really see egoistic muscleheads. I also have been in gyms that are downright poisonous, typically the ones bodybuilders and competitors frequent. These guys could be starring in a porn film for all you know or they could be drug dealers, I knew of a gym where this was not so far from the type of dudes who frequented it.

    And this video is something else, I train weights too I'm not anti-strength haha just Coach Sommer has changed the way I view strength training.

    Also another great site I just discovered if you are a newb to bodyweight training,

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    People really complain too much about stuff. To an extent that they sometimes expect you to complain as well. And when there's nothing to complain about, they complain about the weather. But I won't complain about people :p
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  8. For sure
    For sure, I totally understand what you mean. I wasn't trying to defend gyms or something. Yeah its understandable many people want to look better physically ect
    but when its all about vanity and nothing else, pride and pride men these days are more like women. Plucking eyebrows shaving there body hair ect.
    If you talk to a lot of them they have no confidence and have to keep getting bigger ect to impress people.
    It's human nature to want to look better ect. Understandable. I was 135 pounds at 5 11 all throughout highschool and until i was 24. Anyone whos been really skinny or overweight, knows how frustating it is, 27 now i finally put on some weight and looking like im nurished now, lol still struggling with acne and acne scars so you could say I started because I didn't have enough confidence and and for vanity.
    Now a bit older, for different reasons.
    Im working on handstand right now, its a slow process but im practicing after i finish my workout.

    Whats your favorite calisthenics move or lift or what do you think you want to learn???
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    @LtGen James : that mouse scared the shit out of me man
  10. I love positive people. And I always try to be as positive as I can. Even about weather. Doesn't always work, sometimes I forget myself.

    Very often when person starts talking with me and starts complaining about something I start to do the opposite, even if I actually agree with them, it's a matter of principles. I find I have two responses from this usually. They either like how optimistic I seem to be and like me for that or they dislike me because I am killing the conversation (they expect me to complain back and feed the complaining conversation with more complains). Instead of throwing the ball back I just catch it and put it down. Then they throw another and I do the same. I find it funny how sometimes it frustrates people.

    At first sight I didn't even notice that it was a mouse, I thought it's a weird looking rhino.
  11. "Instead of throwing the ball I just catch it and put it down" Thats a great way of putting it.

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