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Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by Jiya, Dec 18, 2018.

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    Its 33 days of my abstain from everything i i had addicted...I can feel My life is better than before in all site....I do exercise everyday...I do think positively,I care about my family,my gf....O one thing you should know that I have patch up with my ex gf and now we are together .But I'm very afraid to date with her because I notice that my little friend do not stand so strong as before or erect well i.e, I don't feel very exciting...I had been watching between 18 to 24 age(Now I'm 24years and2 monts) ...I tried a lot of lime to abstain these...And now I think I'll....What should I do....?? Do I need to date with her....?? She is very excite to meet me....calling me each day....Can You please help me with this...please please please...
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    Just be honest with her. Tell her about how you've stopped masturbating and now you're probably flatlining. Over time you should get your libido back.
  3. You need to tell her, otherwise she will come up with 100 ideas why u dont want to meet her and it will get worse.
    Tell her : Im doing something to make our relationships much much better. Some our problems come from my addictions and I want to change it. I want you to know it may be a difficult time for me, and one side effect is I dont get easily hard.

    Thats what I did and my gf understood and she was super happy to hear that.
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