Netfli"X" has become too porny.

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by Slick Willie, Jan 12, 2019.

  1. Slick Willie

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    So i already knew netflix has some nasty movies but i just discovered last night that some of thier Netflix originals are even nastier.
    So folks with kids still home please use your parent control.
  2. SolitaryScribe

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    There will come a day when the line between entertainment and porn will be completely blurred... Actually i think that day has already passed
  3. It's the plan to be like that. All over the world they are pushing more and more porn each and every day. Everywhere!
    The stuff we accept today would have been banned and considered extremely indecent back in the days.

    That's why I DONT HAVE A TV. And i don't watch / have any interest in any artist/ actor / movie. I don't want to get my mind dirty. I want to live free with as little influences as possible.
  4. Waiting for a day when hentai comes to Netflix. It's not far off.
  5. My parents have been watching a lot of Netflix lately and they made a comment about some of the sex. It sells and increases views
  6. Yeah, Netflix originals you have to be careful with because since they arent on TV, they dont have to follow the same rules of ratings. Kind of like how HBO shows can show stuff regular TV shows cant. Its definitely unfortunate:/
  7. Ra's Al Ghul

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    normies love their porn. It's so Basic *****.
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  8. Agreed, i was just thinking that today. I went on and the first preview that started autoplaying was about sex, they shouldnt shove it in your face like that
  9. If you have Amazon Prime video, it’s the same thing with their in-house movies and shows. It seems to be the new status quo for streaming services.
  10. Ra's Al Ghul

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    So it's basically a T & A party huh?
  11. Given that most of these services offer parental controls, it’s only logical that they’re going to provide shows with this stuff in them.
  12. Themadfapper

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    Removed the last picture I posted as I realized some might find it pornographic, but it would help make sense of this post for those who don't watch Always Sunny.
  13. Well if you go around Netflix and Prime looking for sexual explicit movies you'll find them.

    It doesn't matter much anyway, the streaming industry is changing. Disney might put Netflix out of business.

    BBC are also working on their own streaming service.
  14. I think it's a lot bigger than that. I certainly don't go around looking for explicit stuff, but these days, it seems almost everything has graphic sex scenes or random, pointless nudity, even if the content didnt sound like it was going to be explicit. It's like some average show that looks funny, and then bam, it starts off with a nude sex scene for no reason at all. You dont have to be looking for explicit stuff. It will jump out at you everywhere you turn anyway.

    If anyone is really trying hard to avoid stuff like that, I would recommend you Google the parental guidelines of a show before you watch it, if you're worried about it. Imdb has guidelines and so does a website called They both have sections for sexual content, and it basically lays out everything sexual that happens in the movie/show. Could be helpful for some people.

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  16. Of course, that goes without saying. Why would anyone watch something without checking the content?
  17. It doesnt go without saying... plenty of people watch stuff all the time without checking parental guidelines. I'm just trying to give someone an extra tool they may not have heard of. Congrats to you for already knowing everything apparently, but not everyone has heard of these websites.
  18. Vidangel is great. I use it to edit a lot of netflix shows.
    It lets you know what is in the movie ahead of time if you read the filters.
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  19. I'mJustAChoice

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    That's thwe world now... Game of thrones has pleanty of dicks, boobs, asses, sex scenes... Even a full close up scene of a boy's penis, I think that was as a satire for all of those who complained about exhibitionism in the show.
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