Netflix documentary ''Social dilemma''

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  1. What do y'all think about the Netflix documentary ''social dilemma'' ? I think this discussion already exist somewhere on the forum but I'm to lazy to search for it. Personally I believe that they (in the documentary) are saying crazy stuff. Our life are so sad, we are not the decision maker of it, everything seems to be already programmed, what we are going to click on, what we are going to search, etc. We need to do something about it, I've already deleted social medias but I know I am not free binge watching on Youtube everyday.
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    I have to watch it first to give an opinion on it, but it's no secret that the algorithms are getting more and more sophisticated and state control is increasing exponentially to a point where perhaps some slaves had more freedom than the current modern man.

    But we still have control over our lives and decisions (You can stop watching youtube if you really wanted, same as with PMO).
    It is still possible to have a higher level of independence from the system and to unplug even if partially and it would make a difference. Netflix is after all a propaganda machine co founded by one who is related to Frued and Edward Bernays (who was a manipulator of the masses and offered help to the zionist criminal Chaim Weizmann), not everything on netflix is pure propaganda but if you feel the end conclusion of the documentary is that the system is overly powerful and everything is controlled and there is nothing we can do about it, that might have been the message it wanted to convey. To make people feel helpless and powerless.
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    I've heard before about this documentary from a friend. It worth seeing?
  4. Totally. Better that any others shows on Netflix
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    It’s a good one, reinforced why I left social media. Political discussion aside, it makes you forget to take true rest. Endlessly scrolling is not true rest, it’s still taxing on the brain and an unnecessary cognitive load.
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