Neurogenesis is the Golden Key for fast and successful Reboot

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    Hey everyone!

    I am currently under process of rebooting, and I have spent much time trying to better understand the science behind addiction, brain science and neuroplasticity.

    I think getting knowledgeable about those topics helps a lot to become master of your reboot and being confident into your recovery.

    I would like to share with you a small hint that brings me a lot of enlightment into the understanding of "Reboot" and how to make it a success.

    Lets talk about Neurogenesis.

    "Neurogenesis" is probalby to science behind the whole Reboot and neuroplasticity experience.
    Simply speaking, Neurogenesis in adult brain is the ability of the brain to renew the neural cells in the nervous system of the brain. It means that the brain will naturally eliminate old neurons and create new connections in the brain. By doing so, the brain set back to its original setup, and simply reboot.

    Beside, It also increase the number of neurotransmiter such as Dopamine which develop the overall “feel good” experience. In addition, Neurogenesis also improve the overall cognitive abilities of the brain (think faster; creativity, new ideas, etc...)

    Medical studies are still limited about the subject (like science with PIED), however it has been shown that Adult neurogenesis is reported to play a role in learning, memory, motivation, emotion, anxiety and depression. It is especially studied in the field of mental illness such as Parkinson or Alzheimer as well as for the cure of addiction.
    Sounds familiar?

    More interrestingly, several reserches focus on what could impact positively or negatively the development of Neurogenesis in the brain. It is surprisingly matching with some tips and advices shared on this forum which come from the experience of guys that have successfuly rebooted.

    Indeed, Researchs shown that, among other, meditation, intermitent fasting, cold shower and intensive exercise as well as diet are keys in the boost of neurogenesis in the brain.

    I let you discover the subject with more details with the two links below, feel free to look up on google which has interresting content about this topic.

    List of ways to increase Neurogenesis:

    11 Proven Ways To Generate More Brain Cells, Improve Memory, and Boost Mood

    Link between Neurogenesis and addiction:

    Increasing neurogenesis might prevent drug addiction and relapse

    I hope that can help you in the understanding of your situation and experience as it did for me.

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    Great post man. Thanks!
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    Thank you
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    I agree. Great post. We know that focusing our minds on things other than sex and ejaculation can be helpful. But focusing on things that improve brain cell formation has added benefits! I never connected the dots that better sleep might help my reboot! Thanks!
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    Great post. This is really what NoFap comes down to. This is basically the science behind everything that is happening.
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