Never been so happy!!!

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  1. Man I’m coming close to a full year and I can’t express how happy and self confident I am to myself! The energy and the feeling is undescribable unless u experience it yourself truely being free from the negative thoughts is truly beautiful. I still have some things I still gotta work out but nofap has completely changed my life in pursuing me into the right direction don’t let those urges get to you! WISH EVERYONE THE POWER TO RESIST THE PMOING!
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    Congrats man! Blessings.
  3. Thank you!
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    Congrats !
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    write a good post and please post your do and don'ts . It will be of great help to all of us "Fapstronaut" .
    what was your period of flatline etc . And which was the most difficult phase of this no PMO journey
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    @YoungBaller23 well done. You deserve the good feeling you're having.
    do you think that your life would have been better if u weren't a pmo addict at the first place VS recovering from addiction?
    Or is it worth the experience you get from fighting off pmo?
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    Nice work & appreciate your will power & self restraint !
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  10. I think pmo would be there if I didn’t pmoing a lot like before but it would always be on my mind no matter what because of the urges always remind me of my past addiction I think I can become more closer and better than my old self before pmoing. Yes 100% worth experiencing fighting off pmoing
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  11. Will do once I hit a full year in 20 days
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    Thanks for the inspiration to keep going! Bless
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  13. Thats what i like to hear, congratulations :)
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  14. Glad I can be a inspiration never give up something that’s worth getting!
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    [QUOTE = "YoungBaller23, post: 1715261, miembro: 263992"] Hombre ¡Me estoy acercando a un año completo y no puedo expresar lo feliz y segura de mí misma que soy conmigo misma! La energía y el sentimiento son indescriptibles, a menos que usted mismo lo experimente, estar verdaderamente libre de los pensamientos negativos es realmente hermoso. Todavía tengo algunas cosas que aún me quedan por resolver, pero nofap ha cambiado mi vida por completo al perseguirme en la dirección correcta. ¡No dejes que esos impulsos te afecten! ¡DESEAMOS A TODOS EL PODER DE RESISTENTES AL PAGADO! [/ QUOTE]
    Te admiró mucho!!
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    Excellent bro, posts like these helps out loads of people who doubt themselves during this tough journey.
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    Mine has to do with obsessive thoughts and thinking and obsessing about dating and women. But my urges are starting to subside over time as I got busy with myself and having more faith in myself. For example, I read an article on obsessive thinking and if a thought comes like someone is going to chase you on the street corner or someone is following you you are having an intrusive thought. lol. Per se, I do not have obssive or ocd but more like intrusive thinking that I have developed over time. And that is how the urges started in me.
  18. Glad I can be a great inspiration! keep on ignoring those urges no matter how intense they get
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  19. One year on NoFap is some achievement. Take a bow!
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    Do you still masturbate with thoughts tho? Or nothing at all?

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