NEVER doubt the power of NoFap!! IT WORKS. Period

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    Hello everyone, I'm Tim. I'm 23 years old and this is my second streak. I reached the 90 days mark in my previous streak last year and I decided to start again.
    I'll be using this site as a journal, posting every week. So today let's start with my experiences in my previous streak and why I decide to start again.

    30th December 2017. I got acquainted with NoFap and I began my streak almost immediately. Prior to that, I was fapping almost 6 times a day. I was depressed, drained and tired of everything. i just wanted a change for myself and I'd have done anything for that. I went hardmode cold-turkey and set a 90 days target. It was during those 90 days, i got a complete turnover in my life. From a sorry little nice-guy to a gym going, boxer alpha male. I hooked up with many girls and even older women. I made a girlfriend, so sex kinda became regular and slowly my motivation for NoFap started to fade. Without even noticing, I became a regular fapper all over again and a year passed by. One day, last week, I looked back and I realized I'm not that alpha-god anymore. Not even close. My confidence was back to where it was before I started NoFap. Attention from girls began to get rare (although I'm still a gym goer and I still box) and my brain became ever so foggy, my eye contact lost, and self esteem went downhill. I realized I am a totally different and degraded person. My girlfriend fell for me because of my "Manliness", that's what she said. She respected me when I was in my streak. Now I've noticed that respect has taken a beating. I thought no more. I am going to make myself that Alpha-God again and this time with even more willpower.
    Guys, especially the new guys here, NoFap really really works. I can't stress on this enough. Just give it a try. It's like a new birth. Initiation into a new league that you never thought you'd be in. You don't even have to validate that coz every other person person around you will. You'll step into a whole different dimension. Your image about yourself will change. It's like working out. When you lift weight, in a way you tell your subconscious to put on more muscles on your body. Similarly, when you don't fap, you tell your subconscious to prepare you for mating. Mating is the primal activity of living creatures, it requires you to be the best and outrun the competition. So in a way you're being the best version of yourself.
    I will keep updating my progress and experiences, feel free to ask questions. All the best to everyone.
  2. Thank you for your insights! NoFap really helps a lot of people out:)
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