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Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by Amorati, Mar 28, 2016.

  1. Amorati

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    First of all I used to think that that type of sites was for losers.
    Then I give them a try and yes you get few numbers and a few dates but then what?

    You will try to rush it and get something from her.You dont care about her, because you watch it like a game.

    Let's say that all go very well and she end up being your new gf, but what will you say when your family and friends tells you who do you meet her?

    You will lie because is embarrasing saying that you meet your gf on dating site on internet.

    Tinder and dating sites doesnt work for long term and quality relationships.All wants to have an easy one night standout, that is like glorified masturbation.

    You trully want that? Get a date from someone that you doesnt feel a deep connection with her to only rush it and force to have something?
    And if you have a gf from there, what will you tell to your family of how do you meet her?

    Not to mention that is like a P site.You see potential mates, scrolling, swipping, getting high dopamine...that will get you urges and it will make you more hard your reboot

    I know that you want a cool gf, and we want it now but the fastest ways are the worst and you know it. Instead of that and when your reboot is going well, you will gain the superpowers and it's kinda magical (see other posts of fapstronauts getting gf thanking to nofap) but the right girl will come to you and the universe will show you an opportunity and thanking to nofap you will take it ;)
  2. I agree that Tinder isn't necessarily a good place to look for a serious relationship, for it's mostly filled with horny people. There are also dating sites for similiar purposes.

    However, there are also decent dating sites for people who actually want to find the one to share their lives with.
    I know a christian guy who met his wife on a christian dating site. Last time I saw him they were married and just had their first child. One of my relatives also met her husband on a dating site.

    I don't really see the shame in it either, not at all. Good for those who find love that way! :)

    It's not that black and white.
  3. Iggy

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    Yeah it's not that black and white, there's no shame in meeting your partner on a dating website, although it doesn't provide the most interesting story of how you met.

    I'm never gonna use them tho, I personally think it's a crutch for the modern man to avoid going out there and taking the necessary risks to meet women. Like the OP said as well, it is seriously triggering if you're trying to reboot. Swiping through pictures of attractive women is pretty much simulation of porn and will more than likely cause you to eventually relapse
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  4. David95

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    My brother met his wife on Tinder- actually they'd already met, but Tinder was when they actually started getting to know each other. I've heard horror stories too- so it goes both ways
  5. ShotDunyun

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    I've tried to use it a couple of times but I get bored of it right away. I used to think that 80% of the women there are shallow, plastic and boring, but then I realized that I only used it to see how many women liked my profile. So at the end I think I'm the shallow POS, one more reason to stay away from it
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  6. Harvhe

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    I use tinder to keep myself sane and my internal female radar in check as to maintain a routine and make sure i dont go mentally off the rails.

    Im not a creep or anything, but whoever i do match up with i make the effort to talk to, though in circumstances im not in a position to do very much, new mutual acquaintances are always welcome, even at long distance. Tinder i admit is a bad place for PMO addicts but its a good place to meet new people.
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  7. traveller22

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    Personally I think anyone struggling with PMO etc, should avoid Tinder like the plague. For most NoFappers, I suspect it would be classed at least as risky/middle circle behaviour.
  8. Lucky1

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    In my personal experience their is a strong correlation between likely hood of fapping and time spent on tinder, you have been warned.

    Regarding meeting people, i think it's good if you find common ground!
  9. traveller22

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    Technically & however improbable, one could potentially meet one's future wife in a strip bar - maybe she owns the property & just happens to be leaving the lobby as you bump into her & start talking.

    This does not justify a PMO-addict going to strip bars.

    Tinder is risky - there's no denying it.

  10. Porn Free Wanderer

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    I haven't used a dating site since Yahoo Personals and both got caught putting up fake profiles to make it look like they had more women than they actually do back in 2006. I have better things to do than correspond with a bot or a computer nerd with a fake picture who wants me to buy a paid membership to the site.
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  11. Polecat89

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    Not to get too off topic, but dating sites like eHarmony and Zoosk don't delete inactive profiles to make it look like they have more registered people than they so active members.
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  12. Polecat89

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    I've tried dating sites multiple times in my life, but found them to be a trigger. I would see all these attractive women, never receive a reply, get depressed, and PMO.
    Simple as that.
  13. traveller22

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    Definition: tinder
    1. dry, flammable material, such as wood or paper, used for lighting a fire.
    I couldn't have said it better myself.

  14. wanabefree

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    "life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get"
    forest gump

    The thing about dating sites are that they are not all similar in purpose. There are some dating sites that are more geared towards more longer term relationships.
    For example, plenty of fish is a dating website that my coworker used to find his current steady girlfriend.

    It's not realistic to think that every person on that website is becoming a member for good and benign reasons.

    The trick maybe in weeding out those that are not good for you and focusing on the ones you feel have potential.:)
  15. cosmicspaceman

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    I have a problem with Tinder. Whenever I get a decent streak I always get 'desperate' and download Tinder and get a few matches. It's a trigger for me, since it just ended my 7 day streak a day ago.

    Dating sites, however, I don't see an issue with. A good friend of mine met someone on Plenty of Fish and they have been together for a long time. Tinder and sites like PoF are two different beasts. The reason Tinder is around is for hookups, POF was created so people can find each other.

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