New 25 yo man from Argentina in need of stop loosing focus & time about good real things

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like at list 1 word in it?

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  1. 19NEXIX94

    19NEXIX94 New Fapstronaut

    Hi, im 25 years old man from Argentina and i started this as a process or a project to reach the goal of investing my time and focus in better, more regarding and real things. Among this things could be a real relation whith new diferent thoughts, feelings, expectations, desires and perceptions or obtaining focus at work or other projects instead of loosing time masturbating, to porn or not, as an escape, whith a very short value or releaf, every time something gets difficult or boring.

    It is the firs time i ever write something in a blog and im not sure how it is going to work for me but i thought it could be helpful in more than one aspect of my life at once.
    as i already told, im from Argentina and english isn´t my first language so be tolerant about grammar or spelling mistakes. or correct it. idf care :)

    I know this post could have no value for enyone but me, and it says almost nothing important or intresting, but the objective was to sign in and break the first barrier of writting something to all aff you, people i didn´t, don´t and will never know and start a non-porn-masturbation-or-only-masturbation journey.

    Maybe next time i would be able to start writting about my history, experiences and moments when i felt it had to stop before escalating and ruin some relation and aspecto of my personal or social life.
    It seems like a difficult process but think it could be fun by looking at it from the right perspective and knowing ou are winning more than what you are loosig.


    day 1 (13/11/2019)
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  2. Hello and welcome! :)

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